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Beyond the Storefronts

This project came into being through the hard work and inspiration of Robert Hyde. Mr. Hyde spent countless hours tracking down the names, addresses and dates of the businesses that occupied our fair city. Now as we enter Medina's 200th anniversary we want not to forget the people who brought us to this point. Their struggles and successes made Medina what it is today.

On April 14th, 1870 Medina square was set ablaze by an accidental fire. Three quarters of the buildings were reduced to rubble. Determined residents and businessmen came together to rebuild. Medina rose like a phoenix from the ashes. That incident largely shaped the beautiful Medina square that we know today. Over time the buildings had a variety of occupants and proprietors. This project is an attempt to add the who, what, where and when to the story of the Medina's most historic district.

As we stroll through Medina square we pass the beautiful buildings and the Uptown Park. This place holds generations of memories. Each building has a long list of occupants, each one added a page to Medina's history. Think back in time and imagine the scenes that were on display outside of these windows. The famous comedy duo Abbott and Costello once sold U.S. War Bonds in a little hut set up on a corner in the Uptown Park. President Taft strolled through when he came to Medina campaigning for the office. Famous detective Allan Pinkerton stayed on the square at the old American Hotel while investigating a case. Famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass addressed the community at the old courthouse. American President George H.W. Bush gave a speech from the courthouse steps. It is the people and the events that give life to our city. Medina is much more than just beautiful buildings, once you go.....Beyond the Storefronts.

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