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Contact: Robert T. Hyde, Originator and Researcher of "Beyond the Storefronts" Bicentennial Project

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Acknowledgements and Resources:

Susan McKiernan, President, Weymouth Preservation Society; Medina Public Square Research Records, 1826-1950

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Miles Reed, MedinaTV Operations Director and "Beyond the Storefronts" Webmaster

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Rebekah Knaggs, Medina Resident and "Beyond the Storefronts" Research Intern, student at University of Cincinnati

April 28, 2018; Rebekah Marie Knaggs, 2018 Graduate, University of Cincinnati will be starting a new position with the James A. Garfield National Historic Site and will be attending Cleveland State University for her Masters in History. Congratulations!.


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Richard Stephenson, Willard Stephenson Foundation, Financial Grants

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John Buchanan, Pilot and Professional Photographer; 20th Century Medina Photo Collection

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Roger Smalley, Bicentennial Chairman

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Macy M. Hallock, Authority and Advisor on Medina history

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Grace Hertlein, designer of the “Beyond the Storefronts” logo is a third-year Graphic Communication Design student at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio.

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Roadside History of Medina, Ohio Facebook Comments on “Beyond the Storefronts”:

Your website is a glorious tribute to Medina’s past, and an amazing resource in Medina’s present. I look forward to the continuing contributions and additions that insure this site will grow and expand far into Medina’s future. I think I speak for every Medinian, when I say “THANK YOU Robert, for all you’ve done, and continue to do!”

Thank you Bob for all the work you have done on our behalf!!

Love these old pics, so interesting!

Loving the vast historical events and landmarks of Medina. I'm a lifelong resident (50+ years)

Robert Hyde’s website, is a treasure trove of history about the area uptown and the history of the buildings and businesses there!

That’s awesome!

This is awesome. This site is awesome. Is there some kind of book of Medina that has all these wonderful old photos in it? If not someone should make one and a hardcover coffee table book.

Very nice photos and sharing our town/city history. Thank you!

Wow! I love this!

We had a store at 11 Public Sq. and you could see the burnt timbers in the basement.

This is very cool!

love it

So proud of my dad Robert Hyde he has worked very hard creating this site for the Medina Bicentennial.

He's wonderful!

Great Picture!

Come meet Bob & bring your old pictures, post cards & memories: JULY 6, 2018 at the Medina Memorial Park & Pool Bicentennial /Homecoming Pool Party & Picnic looking for volunteers & help with activities.

Can you all imagine the heartbreak at the time when the fire occurred!

Loving the vast historical events and landmarks of Medina. I'm a lifelong resident(50+ years).

That’s awesome!

This is great detective work. Love it!

What an incredible find! Thank you for sharing. Ellen Kauffmann Nolan, check this out.

thanks for posting all this cool stuff - it's SO interesting!

Love this history, Mr. Hyde. Thank you, Sir.

I love seeing these old pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Robert is a WEALTH of Medina knowledge! Very thankful there are people like him that preserve this history.

I just spoke with Robert Hyde and he pointed me to the history of the building on his website.

Not only that... he just filled in all the many questions I have been wondering about for the last two years.

What an excellent link! I just spent an hour going down memory lane!!!

This information post and previous photo of my great, great grandfather's shoe store was posted on my father Robert Hyde Beyond the Storefronts page a website he has dedicated his research for the Medina Bicentennial

Since my father was plagiarized I had a right to defend the original posting of not the posting made by ___________.This photo was not taken off the internet and cleaned up as you can clearly see it is the same photo that my father had on Beyond the Storefronts a public website for all Medina people and anyone to join to learn the history of Medina.

 Beyond the Storefronts ( is an absolutely invaluable resource for anyone interested in the history of Medina’s uptown business district and its environs? Lisa’s dad, Robert Hyde, set a most ambitious goal when he conceived this project and he has achieved an unbelievable success in researching, cataloging and illustrating the Medina memories of her residents, their parents, and even their town’s earliest local settlers. Historians will owe him their eternal thanks for his current achievements and accomplishments, yet he continues to improve and refine the site regularly. This is more than a project for Medina’s bicentennial. It’s a landmark historic reference for all time that will hopefully continue to expand into the Tercentennial and beyond!

Thanks to your dad hard work and research he has provided everyone with the history of Medina. Very interesting!!

I am a new storefront business in the square and I loved reading the history behind the building that we occupy, 28 Public Square. Thanks to your dad’s hard work, he made it easy and interesting. I've also referred many people to his web site so they can learn more about our awesome town and fascinating history.

I would love to have a "coffee table" book of your Dad's photos of the history of Medina. Is there anything like that available? Your Dad has done some awesome work on these pictures & the research of our town's history!!

We opened the donut shop, Circles On The Square at the end of September. I wanted to do some research on the building for lots of reasons and came across the web site. We were in business about a week, when your dad had come in; he had already updated the web site to include our new picture and information. I loved his enthusiasm. I also love sharing what I learned from your dad’s hard work.

I want to thank-you for the joy you brought me today.  I have been researching my Schmittel family genealogy in Medina.  John Valentine was a barber around 1909-1915.  I had always hoped to find a photo of his store in downtown Medina.  I came across your Medina square website and was very happy.  There was nothing of him, but his son John Jr. who married Queenie Hillsdale was there.  After they married I could not find her.  I thought perhaps she died in childbirth.  You mentioned she was a member of a show.  Perhaps they traveled and she left him, as they are not living together in the 1910 census.  Later you mention that they were boot-leggers.  I wondered why they moved to Wooster.  He was probably kicked out of town.  They had a grandmother, Gertrude Bohley.  She is buried in the town cemetery.  I can find nothing about her.  Her husband fought in the civil war.  His name was Jacob.  I hope if you come across further info of this group you will think of me.  Thanks again for your kindness in submitting this information.  Keep up the Great Work.