North Broadway Street

North-east Public Square Landmark

#111 North Broadway: Congregational Old Brick Church-1833

First Congregational Church, (1833-1880)

Old Congregational Church 1833.jpg

Reverend Stephen V. Barnes, (1827-1835)

1.  Aristarchus Champion of Rochester, N. Y. who owned all of Montville Township, deeded 100 acres of land along Wadsworth Road and six acres in Medina Village to Rev. S. V. Barnes of Berne, N. Y.  In return Rev. Barnes became the first full-time minister of the First Congregational Church.

Reverend Samuel Lee, (1835-1838)

1.  The Rev. Samuel Lee, minister from 1835-1838, was paid $350 a year, $100 of which came as a donation from the Home Missionary Society in Washington, CT.

Reverend Frederick H. Brown, (1848-1854)

1.  William P. Clark moved his select school to the Old Brick Church in 1850.

Reverend David A. Grosvenor, 1854-1862)

1.  Charles W. Brooks gave an address at the Congregational Convention, in 1859 to colored people of Medina and Summit Counties.

Reverend William Dempsey, (1863-1864)

1.  In 1863, there were 92 members of the Old Brick Church.

Reverend Chauncey N. Pond, (1866-1870)

1.  Architects William Sheldrick and Sons designed $2000 of repairs to the old church including new slips (pews) in 1868,

Reverend Arthur T. Reed, (1874-1879)

1.  Another Medina Village structure sustained damage when the Old Brick Church caught fire in 1877.

Reverend Charles J. Ryder, (1880-1885)

1.  In 1880, the old brick church in Medina is torn down and a new Congregational Church is being built directly across the Broadway Street.  Services are being held in the Phoenix Hall during construction.

Oscar and Sarah Phillips Residence (1911-1938)

Hallock Inc, (1938-1966)

1.  The property was sold at sheriff’s sale to Macy O. Hallock for $2625 in 1938.

Standard Welding Company, Earl Post and Jack Post, props. (1940-1944)

O’Neil’s Outlet Store, (1946-1948)

Ethel and Ira G. Yeager Residence, (1948-1952)

Vacant, (1966-1972)

United States Social Security Office, (1973-1995)

United States Health and Human Services Office, (1996-1996)

Vacant, (1997-1997)

Medina Academy of Dance, (1998-1999)

Vacant, (2000-2002)

Liberty Baptist Fellowship Church, (2003-2018) 

Liberty Baptist Church Photo - Copy.JPG

#116 North Broadway Street: Hewes House, 1910

Ora Hewes Residence, (1910-1924)

William B. Bernier Residence, (1924-1938)

YWCA Offices, (1938-1945)

1.  The YWCA moved into the house between the Congregational Church and the Medina High School in 1938.

YWCA 116 N Bro 1939.jpg

 Max T. Burnham Residence, (1945-1948)

1.  Clara R. and Maxwell T. Burnham moved here in 1945 to 1948 while building their new home.

John L. Davis Residence, (1949-1955)

House and lot purchased by the Trustees of the Congregational Church for expansion purposes in 1956.


#117 North Broadway: Lowe House,-1903, Masi House,-1936

Edmond Lowe Residence, (1903-1905)

Frank Heath Residence, (1905-1915)

Sidney S. Alden and Susan King Alden Private Residence, (1915-1936)

1.  Susan King Alden moved to Medina some time before 1860 with her Alden family with two sisters and two brothers. Her father, “Squire” Alden established his family in the home on the north side of the public square, the home later moved to the rear of the Buckeye Diner, the property being known in later years as the “old Alden homestead.”

2.  Her parents, William Henry and Sarah Stage Alden came from Suffield, Conn. and located in Seville, where she was born in 1844

3.  Miss Alden was a direct decedent of John and Priscilla Alden of the Mayflower, immortalized in the Longfellow’s epic poem “The Courtship of Miles Standish.”

4.  Miss Alden was employed as a clerk at the local Post Office for many years and she possessed a fine contralto voice, so she was hired as a soloist at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

5.  Miss Alden maintained her interest in the Episcopal Church and became a confirmed member of St. Paul’s where she was active in the work of the Women’s Guild.

6.  Miss Susan King Alden deeded her property to Sam Masi in 1936 just prior to her death at age 91 years

7.  With the passing of Susan King Alden is gone the last of a respected and renowned pioneer family of Medina.

Sam Masi Private Residence, (1936-1973)

Parking Lot and Auto Drive-Banking Teller for following Banks at #100 East Liberty Street

Ohio State Bank, (1974–1975)

Medina County Bank, (1976-1978)

BancOhio National Bank, (1979-1985)

National City Bank of Cleveland, (1985–2006)

National City Mortgage, (2006–2014)

National City Investment, (2007–2010)

Public Parking Lot, (2011-Present)




#121 North Broadway: Lowe House,-1905

Edmond Lowe Residence, (1905-1920)

George Stoddard Residence, (1920-1922)

Wallace and Lydia Newman Residence, (1922-1923)

S. A. Whitehead Residence, (1923-1936)

Andrew M. Long Residence, (1936-1939)

Kenneth. E. and Virginia Hendrickson Residence, (1939-1971)

Parking Lot and Auto Drive-Banking Teller for following Banks at #100 East Liberty Street

Ohio State Bank, (1974–1975)

Medina County Bank, (1976-1978)

BancOhio National Bank, (1979-1985)

National City Bank of Cleveland, (1985–2006)

National City Mortgage, (2006–2014)

National City Investment, (2007–2010)

Public Parking Lot, (2011-Present)


#125 North Broadway Street: Ballou House,-1899

Edwin C. and Addie M. Ballou Residence (1899-1940)

Shiloh A. Fields Private Residence, (1940-1952)

1.  In 1952, House was demolished and a one story 810 square feet small office building was built with two or three private offices, reception area and restroom. Building can be divided into two separate offices with one private office, one reception area, and a separate entrance in each section.


Fields Barber Shop, Shiloh A. Fields, Prop.  (1952-1965)

Field's Barbershop Firlds, Harold Casey, Donald Bramley.jpg

Shiloh Fields, Harold Casey and Donald Bramley, Barbers at Fields Barbershop

Nu-Trend Beauty Salon, (1953-1977)    

Ronald W. Kohanski Architect, (1966-1977)

Gerspacher Investment Co, (1978-1981)

Epstein, Howard, Turner and Wershbale, Inc., (1981-1982)

Edward F. Bugner, CPA, (1982-1985)

Music Market, (1985-1988?)

Farmers Insurance Agency, (1989-2000)

Bob Marshal, (1989-2000)

Richard Jodway, (1994-1998) 

Raymond James Financial Services, (2000-2001) 

Reserve Benefit Group, (2000-2003)

Farnham Insurance Agency, Mark Farnham, Agent, (2001-2008)

Bryan Financial Service, Damon Bryan, Prop. (2003-2008) 

Farmers Insurance Agency, Damon Bryan, (2004-2008)

Landmark Homes, Tim Pelton and Robert Root, Props. (2008-2018)

1.  Renovation Homes Inc, dba Landmark Homes is a full-service design/build contractor that is focused on the construction of Custom Homes, Additions, Finished Basements, and remodeling jobs in Medina County and surrounding areas.

Landmark Homes Bldg..jpg



N. Broadway St. 1957.jpg

#129 North Broadway Street: A. M. Buchanan House, 1912

Alta M. Buchanan Residence, (1912-1918)

Helen and A. P. Johnson, 2nd Floor Rental. (1916-1919)

Vesta Johnson Residence, (1919-1923)

1.  Frank M. Buchanan acquired the property from A. M. Buchanan in 1924.

2. Fire burned part of the house in 1924. Rebuild by F. M. Buchanan in 1924.

Ruth Mader Residence, (1924-1929)

Rose Rozelle Residence, (1929-1935)

1.  Eugene M. Clement bought the property from Frank M. Buchanan in 1933.

LaDonna Williams Residence, (1935-1940)

Ethel M. and Shiloh A. Fields Residence, (1940-1948)

1.  Eugene M. Clement sold the property to Shiloh Fields in 1940.

Medina County Health Department, (1948-1952)

Private Residence, (1953-1981)

Dean R. Steigerwald, Attorney, (1982-1985)

T. F. Brown and Associates, (1982-1985)

James Contracting Grouping, (1985-1987)

Vacant, (1988-1990)  

Approved Title Agency, (1991-1994)

Medina County Real Estate Company, (1995-1999)

Thomas H. Clarkson, (1995-1999)

Vacant, (2000-2000)

Wilmar Properties, LTD, (2001-2002)

Juan Villasenor, (2003-2003)

Merinar, CPA, Inc, (2004-2016)

Genworth Financial, (2005-2006)



#135 North Broadway: F. P. Buchanan House, 1914

Frank P. Buchanan Residence, (1914-1916)

1.  Frank P. Buchanan built the house in 1914 for $2,500.

2.  F. P. Buchanan retires in 1916 and moves to and rents 141 acre farm

H. M. Buchanan Residence, (1916-1939)

Eugene M. Clements Residence, (1940-1969)

1.  In 1940, Eugene M Clement purchased two adjoining Buchanan properties.

Harry L. Sugden Residence, (1969-1974)

Medina County Credit Bureau, (1975-1978)

Rolling, Hocevar, and Associates, (1979-1981)

Vacant, (1982-1984)

Medina Presbyterian Church Office and Meeting Room, (1985-1991)

1.    In 1983 the Western Reserve Presbytery voted to establish a new Church Development in Medina.

2.  In 1985, Reverend James Gilbert was called to serve as a Development Minister.

3.  On May 18, 1986, The Medina Presbyterian Church was charted and the congregation numbering 92 began church services in the Seventh-day Adventist Church east of Medina.

4.  In May 1988 3.7 acres was purchased at 5088 Burgundy Bay, east of Medina for the location of their new church building.

Walter C. Cooper, renter, (1992-1993)

Gary Martin, renter, (1993-1996)

James Roberts, renter, (1997-2003)

Amado Acosta, renter, (2001-2002)

Rhonda Sampsel, renter, (2003-2007)

Laura J. MacDonald, CPA, (2007-2018) 



#137 North Broadway Street: Baldwin House,-1901

Douglas Jones Residence, (1991-1993)

Julie A. Pype Residence, (1991-1993)

Robert W. Baker Residence, (1993-1994)

Nerissa Goe Residence, (1995-1998)

John Canfield Residence, (1998-2006)

Clifford Hawker Residence, (2007-2018)



#139 North Broadway: Baldwin House,-1901

Minnie and William A. Baldwin Residence, (1901-1903)

1.  Minnie and William A. Baldwin house for sale, 1 block north of square on Broadway Street, opposite the primary school in 1901.

James E. and Rowena Newton Residence, (1903-1944)

Ernest J. Newton Residence, (1940-1966)

Lillian White Residence, (1966-1969)

Jennie Behner Residence, (1971-1973)

Kenneth King Residence, (1974-1976)

Joe Lindsey Residence, (1976-1978)

Nancy Bell Residence, (1978-1979)

Howard Taylor Residence, (1979-1987)

Gary Martin Residence, (1988-1992)

Pam Gladden Residence, (1993-1995)

Kay Rawa Residence, (1995-1998)

Howard E. Walton Residence, (1999-2000)

Macy Hallock, (1999-2003)

Cheyanne Tierney Residence, (2010-2011)

Karl Noble Residence, (1993-2018)


#141 North Broadway Street: Baldwin House,-1901

Mrs. Frank Spellman Residence, (1936-1951) 

V. E. Yoder Residence, (1952-1959)

Jerry Grimm Residence, (1960-1965)

Donald E. Rose Residence, (1966-1973)

Cecil Perdue Residence, (1974-1990)

Richard Sproles Residence, (1991-1993)

Donald Rolling Residence, (1993-1994)

Joe Copley Residence, (1995-1997)

Steven Harowski Residence, (1998-1999)

Ryan P. Goddard Residence, (2001-2004)

Gary Miller Residence, (2005-2011)

Terrance Puth, Residence, (2011-2012)

Michael Ensign Residence, (2011-2017)



#144 North Broadway Street: Medina High School Bldg.-1923, Medina County Adminstrative Bldg.-1975

Medina Primary School, (1891-1923)

Old Primary School House, N. Broadway.jpg

1.  By the last decade of the 19th century, student enrollment in the village schools had increased too much that the Lincoln School was filled to capacity. A school bond issue was approved, and in 1891, the Medina Primary School opened. The school consisted of four large rooms, each with a capacity for 50 students, and was located on North Broadway Street where the County Administration Building now stands. It was torn down in 1921.

Medina High School Bldg 1920 2.jpg

Medina City High School Building, (1923-1956)

School Superintendents: W. E. Conkle, (1923-1941), Herman G. Spencer, (1941-1947), Sidney M. Fenn, (1947-1961)

1.  In 1923, a new High School designed by architect T. Ralph Ridley and built by contractor, V. W. Surber for a cost of $268,038 in 1923 was to accommodate about 800 students.

2.  In 1956, during the superintendency of Sidney M. Fenn the high school classes were again moved to a new location on East Union Street.

Medina High School 1950.jpg

Medina Junior High School, (1956-1973)

1.  In 1956 the old high school was converted into classrooms for junior high students

Vacant Building, (1974-1975)

1.  School facility renovated extensively to accommodate County Adminstrative offices in 1974.

Medina County Adminstrative Building (1975 -2018)

1.  Medina County Commissioners paid the Medina City Schools $800,000 for the building and property in 1974.

Medina County Adminstrative Bldg..jpg

2018 Present Medina County Offices and Occupants:

ADMINISTRATOR, Scott Miller, County Administrator

AUDITOR’S OFFICE,   Mike Kovack, Auditor


COMMISSIONERS,   Adam Friedrick       •     Patricia G. Geissman     •    •    William F. Hutson

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, Bethany Dentler, Executive Director

FINANCE DEPARTMENT, Michael Pataky, Finance Director

RECORDER’S OFFICE, Colleen Swedyk, County Recorder

TAX MAP OFFICE, Beth Mika, Supervisor

TREASURER’S OFFICE, John Burke, Treasurer


#145 North Broadway: Clement House,-1900

William A. Clement lot 89 in 1900

William A. and Mary M. Clement Residence, (1900-1931)

Mary M Clement Residence, (1931-1937)

Robert E. Beekman Residence, (1938-1940)

James Vermilya Residence, 1941-1943)

Robert Hogan Residence, (1943-1946)

Ronald L. and Relia Clement Residence, (1937-1946)

Richard E. and Eva G. Leister Residence (1946-1960)

1.   R. E. Leister purchased the property from Roland Clement in 1946.

Liberty-Court-Broadway-Friendship Aerial 1957.jpg

Ralph Fisher Residence, (1960-1962)

Samuel E. Cordman Residence, (1960-1963)

Arza Halliwill Residence, (1960-1963)

Jay Mishler Residence, (1963-1968)

Donald C. Burig Residence, (1969-1971)

Billy J. and Belinda Spencer Residence, (1971-1973)

Mailing Services, (1974-1976)

Medina City Recreation Department, (1974-1976)

Gene Smith Residence, (1978-1984)

Robert Hen, Attorney, (1985-1988)

Richard Dunn, Attorney, (1985-1988)

Jill Heck, Attorney, (1985-1988)

Issoc Graphics, (1988-1991)

Mary Haas, Attorney and Jill Heck, Attorney, (1988-1991)

Oracle Corp, (1988-1991)

Cornerstone, (1991-1994) 

Suzanne Lesure, PHD, (1991-1994)

Michele Petrasek, EDD, (1993-1994)

Vacant, (1995-1995)

Rosalina Fini, Attorney, (1996-1996)

David Gedrock, Attorney, (1996-1997)

Carl Hiteman, Attorney, (1996-2003)

Michael Ratajczak Attorney, (1996-2009)


Morris and Brown, Paralegal and Practice, (1997-1997)

Richard Barbera, Attorney, (1998-1999)

Kathryn Stanec, Attorney, (1998-1999)

Vance Truman, Attorney, (1999-1999)

Access Mortgage and Financial, (2000-2000)

Advance Steel Company, (2000-2000) 

Berliner Communications, (2000-2000)

Mary Maishler-Fallon, Attorney, (2000-2001)

Musically Sound Studios, (2002-2003)

Vacant, (2004-2005)

Lending Solutions Network, (2006-2006)

Lexington Lending and Mortgage, GRP, (2006-2006)

Vacant, (2010-2012)

Gregory Schaefer, (2013-2018)  



West Side N. Broadway Photo - Copy.JPG


#325 North Broadway Street: Ferris House,-1825

Ferris House Sign.jpg

1.  Rufus Ferris arrived in Mecca in Medina Township on June 11, 1816, from New Milford, Connecticut, which was also the home of Elijah Boardman.

2.  In 1817, Ferris bought the land from William and Henry Boardman for $12.00.  He first built a comfortable log cabin, but Mrs. Ferris still did most of the cooking out-of-doors.



3.  His wife, Hannah, willing fed anyone who came to their door and gave them a bed for their tired heads. When the first family with women and children showed up at her door, she "spatted her hands" for joy.

4.  This log cabin was located one-half mile north of the present Public Square. A little later he also had a large frame barn built in which the first county court session was held in 1818 on the site of the present Lutheran Church on North Broadway Street.

5.  Elijah Boardman secured Rufus Ferris as an agent for the sale of his Medina land and placed him in charge here with abundant means for operating expenses.

6.  Mr. Ferris kept open house and devoted himself to entertaining strangers who would be likely to buy Boardman land. At the same time he pushed the work of clearing and improving the place with all the means at his command.

7.  Rufus called himself a "Hickory Quaker." This means he was flexible, but strong and tough, like a hickory tree. Many of the Ferris families were Quakers. He "wore his Quaker hat proudly." But was flexible enough to be a founding member of the Episcopalian Church, St. Paul's!

8.  In addition to having the distinction of being the first settler within the present corporation limits of Medina, Mr. Ferris also became a man of prominence in the community and was much respected by his fellow citizens.

9.  He was chosen the first county Treasurer in 1818 and held this office for fourteen years.

10.  In 1819 he was appointed the first postmaster of the newly created Medina Post Office, which he kept in his residence.

11.  In 1819, he was one of the leading participants in Medina's first Fourth of July celebration, during which the principal streets were named.

12.  In 1820, Rufus Ferris became a charter member of the Medina Masonic Lodge No. 58, A. and F. M., and of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Medina.

13.  When the stage coaches from Cleveland to Wooster began to run through Medina Rufus Ferris' home first became a regular stagecoach inn.

14.  In about 1825, Squire Ferris built a larger brick home to take the place of his log cabin. It was solidly built, had ten rooms and eight fireplaces to provide warmth for his guests.

15.  After a few cases of cholera had appeared in 1833-1834 in Medina Village, Rufus Ferris, Sr., went to Columbus with cholera specific or remedy, because he had volunteered his services to treat the disease, then prevalent there among the penitentiary convicts.

16.  However, when his presence was no longer needed there, he started homeward but died of cholera himself near Wooster. Not being retained there, Rufus was brought home to Medina in a Pennsylvania covered wagon."

Rufus Ferris Tombstone.jpg

17..  After the death of Ferris in 1834 his wife Hannah continued to operate this stagecoach inn until about 1847.

Fred H. Brown Residence, (1847-1858)

1.  The Ferris stagecoach inn then became a residence in 1847 when Hannah Ferris sold the property on Lot 177 to Fred H. Brown.

Stephen V. and Betsey Barnes Residence, (1858-1869)

In 1869, Betsey Barnes sold the property on Lot 177 to Samuel Scott.

Samuel Scott Residence, (1869-1889)

In 1889, Elmer J. Scott acquired the property from the estate of Samuel Scott.

Elmer J. Scott Residence, (1889-1905)

1.  In 1905 Mr. Barrow purchased the property and Lot 537 from Samuel Scott by Administration.

K. A. Barrow Residence, (1905-1907)

1.  In 1905 Mr. Barrow purchased the property and Lot 537 from Samuel Scott by Administration.

George H. Hoddinott Residence, (1907-1915)

1.  George H. Hoddinott purchased the property and Lot 537 from K. A. Barrow.

Charles F. Dannley Residence, (1915-1949)

1.  The Ferris house is identified after 1915 as the Dannley House.

Rufus Ferris 1952.jpg

2.  The gable roof was replaced with a square top and the fireplaces and their chimneys were removed.

3.   A porch was later added, so that Rufus Ferris would not recognize his inn unless he went to the cellar and saw the original huge beams and their outer walls.

4.  January 20, 1920; Mr. Charles Dannley, whose home is very popular with the Medina young people, entertained a bunch of 0. S. U. boys and their guests after the concert Wednesday evening. Mrs. Dannley furnished entertainment for four students, and two Medina friends who were entertaining two each were also invited. Together there was a most entertaining party, and those who participated rejoiced over the privilege. There was a good social time dancing and later refreshments. The party broke up about 1 a. m.

Dennis and Janet Dannley Residence, (1949-1951)

1.  In 1949, Dennis and Janet Dannley acquired the residence from Charles F. Dannley estate.

Mildred and Dr. Franklin Reutter Residence, (1951-1968)

Ferris House 2.jpg

1. Mildred and Dr. Reutter purchased the Ferris House from George R. Dannley in 1951.

2.  Dr. Franklin Reutter was a retired Eye, Ear and Nose Specialist.

Laribee and Cooper Law Firm, Henry Laribee and Clark Cooper, Attorneys, (1968-1969)

1.  Remodeled and modernized, with graceful white columns in the front, Rufus Ferris original stagecoach inn has now become the Laribee Law Offices on the west side of North Broadway, just south of its intersection with Union Street.

2.  With roots stemming back to 1898, Henry Laribee joined Arthur Van Epp in 1938 to form the law firm.

3.  Prior to practicing law, Mr. Laribee served as a high school principal and administrator in Homer and Spencer Townships, and Mr. Van Epp held the position of mayor of Medina.

4.  The firm was first located at 32 Public Square for many years and relocated to the historic "Ferris House" in 1968. 

Laribee and Cooper Law Firm, Henry, Ray and Richard Laribee and Clark Cooper, Attorneys, (1969-1981)

Henry Laribee's sons, Ray and Richard, followed in their father's footsteps and joined the practice in 1967 and 1969 respectively.

Laribee Cooper and Hertrick Law Firm Ray, Richard Laribee, Clark Cooper and Paul Hertrick, Attorneys, (1981-2002)

Rufus Ferris House.png

1.  Paul Hertrick joined in 1981, bringing to the firm his vast knowledge in the area of family law.

 Laribee and Hertrick Law Firm Ray, Richard Laribee, Clark Cooper and Paul Hertrick, Attorneys, (1981-1996)

Laribee and Hertrick Law Firm Ray, Richard and Michael Laribee, Clark Cooper and Paul Hertrick, Attorneys, (1996-2002)

1   Michael Laribee joined the firm in 1996, representing the third generation of the Laribee family to practice law in Medina. 

2.  Richard Laribee passed away in 2002.

Laribee and Hertrick Law Firm, Ray and Michael Laribee, Paul Hertrick, Attorneys, (2002- 2011)

Laribee, and Hertrick Law Firm, Ray and Michael Laribee, Paul and Marc Hertrick, Attorneys, (2011-2016)

1.  In 2011, Marc Hertrick joined the firm after practicing law at larger law firms located in the Washington D.C. metro area and Cleveland, Ohio.

2.   In 2016, Ray, principle in the Laribee Law Firm retired after 49 years of practicing law in Medina.

Laribee, and Hertrick Law Firm, Michael Laribee, Paul and Marc Hertrick, Attorneys, (2016-2018)