South-side Public Square #43-#47


#43 East Washington Street, South Side Public Square, Chidester House Hotel-1857, Leach Block-1878

Kimball Livery Stables, George Kimball, Prop. (1854-1870)

Mansion House Hotel, W. R. and W. B. Chidester, Props. (1834-1860)

Chidester House Hotel, W. R. and W. B. Chidester, Props. (1860–1867)

John Berry Barbershop in Chidester House Hotel, (1860-1867)

1.  1867 Burglary; The Chidester House at Medina was entered on Thursday night of last week through a window and sliver ware to the amount of some $75.00 was taken from the pantry.  Suspicious resting upon R. F. Gibson, a pretended book agent and Edwin Dean, who was hunting for a lost Aunt in Medina County so, they were watched.

2.  They paid their bill in the morning before the theft and said they were going west; but were seen by several individuals in the evening about 9 or 10 o’clock in town.  But they could be no where be found in the morning by the Sheriff,

Park Hotel, Spaulding and Reese, Prop. (1867–1870)

1.  In 1867, Spaulding and Reese of Cleveland have made arrangements to open the Chidester House Hotel on a new plan.  It will be called the Park House Hotel, and will be opened May 21, 1867 in time for court.  Four loads of nice furniture arrived yesterday for the Park House Hotel.

Jackson Millinery and Fancy Goods Store, Mrs. O. M. Jackson, Prop. (1867-1870)

1.  Addie Jackson opened a new millinery store after the 1870 fire in the Commercial Block on the west-side of Public Square.

Park Hotel, Spaulding and Reese, Prop. (1867–1870)

1867 - Spaulding and Reese of Cleveland have made arrangements to open the Chidester House Hotel on a new plan.  It will be called the Park House Hotel, and will be opened May 21, 1867 in time for court.  Four loads of nice furniture arrived yesterday for the Park House Hotel.

United States Post Office locations from 1841 to 1853 are unknown after being located at the Rufus Ferriss Stagecoach Inn and Home at 325 North Broadway Street.  They are shown below at the Chidester House for continunity purposes only.

United States Post Office, Dr. Uriah H. Peake, Postmaster, (1829-1841)

United States Post Office, Henry Ormsby, Postmaster, (1841-1845)

United States Post Office, Calvin B. Prentiss, Postmaster, (1845-1849)

United States Post Office, Gaylord B. Hamilton, Postmaster (1849-1853)

U. S. Post Office was in the old Chidester House or Park Hotel, (1853–1870)

United States Post Office, Joseph Whitmore, Postmaster, (1853-1861)

1.  In 1853, Joseph Whitmore was appointed Postmaster of Medina Village by President Franklin Pierce.

United States Post Office, Charles Bostwick, Postmaster, (1861-1863)

1.  In 1861, Charles Bostwick was appointed Postmaster of Medina Village by President Abraham Lincoln.

United States Post Office, James W. Hendrickson, Postmaster, (1863-1866)

1.  In 1863, James W. Hendrickson was appointed Postmaster of Medina Village by President Abraham Lincoln.

United States Post Office, Mrs. Ellen M. Hendrickson, Postmaster, (1866-1870)

1.  In 1866, Mrs. Ellen M. Hendrickson was appointed Postmaster of Medina Village to succeed her husband by President Andrew Johnson.

2.  In 1870, after the great village fire destroyed the hotel building and the Phoenix Block was rebuilt, the Post Office was moved to #41 South-side Public Square.

Vacant Lots, (1870–1878) All frame buildings destroyed in the 1870 Village fire.

1.  In 1871 H. G. Blake bought the Chidester lots from A. Houck that extend from the Phoenix Block to the Canfield lot.

2.  A new stone sidewalk is needed just east of the post office.  That old brickbat foot-trap has been the cause of so much profanity that will take all the tears of all the angles to blot the record out!

O. N. Leach Clothier, O. N. Leach, Prop., (1878–1921)

1.  In 1872, Mr. Leach came to Medina, and opened business in the Empire Block, and later moved to the Dental Block, but, not having sufficient space to accommodate his trade, in the fall of 1878, built his present brick store, thus securing an elegant room, 24½x80 feet, in which he has placed a mammoth stock.

2.  Prominent among the many advantages he offers the trade, is his one-price cash system, which unites satisfaction and cheapness for the buyer. 

3.  Mr. Leach has also an admirably managed custom department that cannot fail to be appreciated by all who love a snug fit.

1.  In 1878, O. N. Leach is building a business block on the vacant lot east of Phoenix Block.

2.  This was the site of the Chidester House before the 1870 fire. The only gap left after the fire.

Leach and Gunkelman Clothcraft Store, O. N. Leach and Robert F.Gunkelman, Props. (1921-1923)

Gunkelman and Indoe Clothing, Robert F. Gunkelman and Albert E. Indoe, Props. (1923–1943)

Gunkelman Men and Boys Clothes, Robert F. Gunkelman, Prop., (1943–1972)

The store was occupied by Leach, Gunkelman and Indoe as a clothing store for 94 years.

The store was occupied by Leach, Gunkelman and Indoe as a clothing store for 94 years.

United States Army and Navy Recruiters Service, (1972-1976)

Vacant, (1977-1979)

Round Records, (1980–1981)

Vacant, (1982–2000)

Washington Properties, Michael Rose, President, (2001–2003)

Vacant, (2004–2006)

United States Army and Navy Recruiters Service, (2009-2016)


#43.5 East Washington Street: South Side Public Square, Chidester House Hotel-1857, Leach Block-c.1878, 2nd Floor Professional Offices

Dr. L. S. Smith, Dentist, (1872-1880)

Cohen Barbershop, Edward Cohen, Prop. (1877-1880)

1.  Mr. Ed Cohen wishes to inform the public at large that he is located one door east of the Post Office, and is prepared to do anything in his line.  Shaving, hair cutting and shampooing; also razors honed.  Dealer in cigars and tobacco.  Everything warranted.

Dr. J. L. Bean, Homoeopathist, (1880-1893)

Dr. Abner P. Nichols, Dentist, (1894-1895)

Dr. W. E. Kneale, Physician and Surgeon, (1905-?)

Acme Engraving Company, Arcade, (1911-?)

C. L. Ballinger, Osteopath in (1926-?)

Milton Rabine, Orthodontists, (1948-1963)

Dr. Samuel R Caplowe, Chiropodist, (1948-?)

Nathan .I Galin, Sanford F. Aron, Robert Rath Dentist’s, (1948–1963)

Vacant, (1963-1971)

Victor’s Records and Boutique, (1974-?)

Carstan’s Casuals, (1981–1982)

Headquarters to Re-elect Mayor Lamb, (1985-1985)

Color Consultant, (1985-1988)

De’s Country Effects, (1988–1992)

Glass Originals Gallery, (1993–1994),

Square Card Shoppe, (1995–1995)

Creations of the Past, (1996–1999)

Linda’s Clothes Closet, (1997–1988)

Jouster’s Pub, Arcade, (1998–2000)

Demarco Mortgage Associates, (2002–2003)

Vintage Frame Studio, Arcade, (2003–2004),

Mid-Americans ITS LLC, (2003-2006)

Comfort Keepers, (2003–2007)

Gatewood Design Works, (2006–2007)

Wind and Sea Ltd, (2000–2007)

Square Violins, (2005–2013)

Cleveland Violins, (2005-2011)

T. R. Trans Acquisition Inc., (2009–2014)

Manners Management Company, 2010–2013)

Proficio Mortgage Ventures, (2012-2013)

South-side PS winter night.jpg


#44 East Washington Street: South Side Public Square, Arcade-1974, Marketplace-1996

Alene’s Beauty Salon, (1974-1976)

Wilma’s Card Shop, (1974-1977)

Wine Hobby USA, (1974-1976)

Woodshed of Medina, (1974-1977)

Mary-Mary of Medina, (1974–1979)

Bix’s Restaurant, Jim and Jeff Bixby, Prop. (1974–1991)

A favorite watering hole in the 70's and 80's.  Jim had a drink called the Mack Vault2 that was a chocolate concoction that tasted great on a hot day.

All American Driver Education, (1974–1976)

Felicitations, (1976-1978)

Beauty Parlor, (1976–1982)

Dean Steigerwald, Attorney, 2nd Floor, (1978–1981)

Arcade Frames and Prints, (1978–1981)

Gem Craft, Edward Rodamaker, Owner, (1982–2014)

Record Bin, (1982-1985)

Country Squire Tobacconist, (1982-1986)

Silver Tree, (1982-1985)

Granny’s Attic, (1988–1990)

Gary Moreland, Attorney, (1985-1988)

Ohio Bar Title Insurance Co. (1985-1988)

Uptown Racquets, (1986-1988)

K. L.  Mcartor, Attorney, (1982-1988)

CMC Gallery , (1991–1991)

Creative Marketing Consultants, (1990–1991)

Expressions Cards, (1990–1992)

Creations of the Past, (1990-1995)

Coffees Pub, (1992–1992)

H. O. Trerice Company. (1992–1992)

Crafters Boutique, (1992-1994)

Claims Management, (1993–1993)

Mike’s On the Square 2 Restaurant, (1993–2000)

Panther 2 Transportation, (1994–2004)

Cherry Blossoms Photograph, (1996–1996)

My Dolls, (1996–1996)

Downtown Tobacco, (1996-2001)

Town Square Travel, (1998-2014)

Sparrow Art Gallery and Studio, Aurelia Ford Martin, Artist/Owner (2014-2018)

Bella Sorrella’s Salon, (2010-2018)

Elemental Boutique, Georgia Fath-Kerschner, prop. (2018-Present)

1.  The boutique inside Bella Sorrella’s Salon offers makeup and skin-care products as well as handbags and jewelry.

Nails by Barb, (2018-Preaent)


#45 East Washington Street: South Side Public Square, Chidester House Hotel-1857, Munson Block–1878

1.  The Chidester House Hotel was a 2-story brick building where the Leach and Munson Blocks are now and was operated by William Chidester.

2.  The east side of the Chidester House Hotel was the United States Post Office with Charley Bostwick, Postmaster and Mark Ferrio, Assistant Postmaster

3.  In the west side of the Hotel was milliner and dressmaker parlors of Mrs. O. H.  Blackford and Mrs. David Briggs.

4.  After it was abandoned as a hotel, Mrs. Houck, an aged and thrifty German woman, ran it as a saloon for several years.

Hobart Tin, Hardware and Stoves Store, William H. Hobart, Prop., (1878-1899)

W. H. Hobart's 1895.jpg

1.  William H. Hobart was born in Medina in 1848 and moved his tin shop here in 1878 to 1898 when he sold it to Munson when he was elected Medina County Auditor.

Munson Hardware Store, Albert Munson, Prop., (1899–1911)

Munson Store photo.jpg

1.  Munson store opened in 1885 in the Union Block by Judge Albert Munson who bought it from S. H. Bradley.

2.  Albert Munson repair and change barn at rear of store occupied by Ben Schlabach Livery to be 2 floors, 60’ x 35’ hardware storehouse and workshop in 1900.

3.  The alley behind A. Munson’s storewas concreted in 1911.

4.  Walter J. Fenton worked for the Munson’s for the entire 53-year existence of the store.

Employees Fenton, Kernan and Mrs. Sargent

Employees Fenton, Kernan and Mrs. Sargent

5.  Charles Kern came to work at Munson from Oatman Hardware in 1908.

Munson Hardware Store, Lyman Munson, Prop. (1911-1913)

1.  Albert passed away in 1911 and Lyman was proprietor until his death in 1913.

Munson and Son Hardware Store, Cora Munson Blakeslee, Props. (1913–1939)

1.  Albert Munson’s new advertisement of hardware, stoves, etc., announces the firm name of the business as A. Munson and Son. Lyman a young man of energy, industry, and honesty starts on his business career under favorable auspices.

2.  Cora Munson Blakeslee a proprietor since 1913 on the death of brother Lyman will retire in 1939.

The store was occupied by Hobart and Munson as a hardware store for 61 years.

Medina Furniture Company Store, Max Rogovy, Prop., (1940–1948)

1.  Medina Furniture Company in the Munson Block modernized the front and center door with plate glass display windows in 1940 and they double space by expanding into vacant 2nd floor.

2.  They asks owner Cora Blakeslee to tear down old tin shop at rear for a new furniture warehouse.

3.  Rogovy to raze large warehouse built in 1870 behind store, known as #45 Munson Court and replace it with a modern L-shaped fireproof concrete block warehouse.

4.  In 1945, Max Rogovy bought the Munson Block where he has Medina Furniture Store.

Medina Furniture Store, Jesse Greenberger, Prop. (1948–1968)

1.  Medina Furniture Store building sold to Attorney James B. Palmquist in 1964.

Hallmark Furniture, (1966–1969)

Vacant, (1969-1971)

Village Antique and Card Shoppe, (1972–1973)

Interior Design Studios, Mark Roberts, Prop.  (1974–1981)

1.  Interior Design Studios moved their business next door to #47 South Public Square in 1981.

Leslie Lee Jewelers, (1992-1997)

Town Square Travel, Cindy Cutlip, Prop. (1998-2009)

Towne Square Travel Photo.jpg

The Tangerine Parlor, Janna Benson, Prop. (2009–2010)

OneLuckyDog Bakery, Stacey, Prop. (2011–2017)

1.  At our store we carry great natural solutions for stress, joint issues, and supplements for skin and coat issues.  I am certainly not a Veterinarian but I have researched dog health issues and I know from 20 years of experience what solutions work and those that are simply a waste of time and money.


#45.5 East Washington Street: South Side Public Square, Munson Block–1878, 2nd Floor Professional Offices

Dr. S. J. Smith, Surgeon Dentist and Physician, (1865-1870)

W. B. Croft, Physician and Surgeon, (1886-1895)

Dr. G. D. Billings, Dentist, (1894-1909)

1.  Consultations always free and all operations are first-class.

Dr. H. P. H. Robinson, Physician and Surgeon, (1909-1914)

1.  Dr. Robinson moved to office rooms over Munson Hardware vacated by Dr. G. C. Billings in 1909.

2.  Dr. Robinson moved his medical offices to his residence at #72 East Public Square in 1914.

Omar O. Van Deusen and F. M. Plank, Real Estate and Insurance, (1915-1918)

George M. Buchanan, Columbia Life Insurance Agency, (1920- 1930)

Unknown Proprietors, (1931-1943)

C. W. Reinhardt, Accountant, (1943-1951)

Otis Cronk, Accountant, (1948-1951)

A. N. Whitter, Manufacturers Agent, (1951–1952)

Cronk and Reinhardt, Otis Cronk and C. W. Reinhardt, Accountants, (1952–1957)

2nd Floor used for storage and sales rooms (1957-1971)

Henry Smith Agency, (1971-1974)

La Fontaine Management Services, (1971-1973)

Harry E. Van Horsten, Attorney, (1971–1993)

Minnesota Title Agency of Medina Inc., (1971–1974)

Urban Research and Planning Inc., (1973–1974)

Gordon Beach, Attorney, (1973-1974)

Bruce D. Parish, Attorney, (1974–1975)

1.  He moved from 53 Public Square in 1974.

City Title Company of Medina, (1974–1979)

Robert Schultz Jr., Attorney, (1974–1985)

National Land Title Company, (1976–1979)

U.S. Army Recruiting Station, (1976-1988)

Louisville Title Company, Inc., Thomas Wolfe, Manager, (1976–1989)

Thomas E. Wolfe Insurance Agency, (1976–1989)

All American Inc., Field Services and Havco Corporation, (1976–1978)

Medina County Democratic Headquarters, (1976–1981)

Dean R. Steigerwald, (1979-1981)

Ohio Bar Title Insurance Company, (1979–1981)

Arlene B. Huber, Attorney, (1979–1981)

Kenneth L. Mc Artor, Attorney, (1979–1981)

Medina Court Reporters, (1979–1981)

United Way of Medina, (1981-1982)) 

Eric D, Ritz, Attorney, (1982–1985)

Reginald S. Kramer, Attorney, (1982–1985)

Diana B. Menn, CS, (1982–1985)

Christopher J. Collier, Attorney, (1985–1988)

A. F. S. Design Consultants, (1982–1988)

Brad Gessner, Attorney, (1985-1988)

John J. Lohn, Attorney, (1985-1988)

Phoenix Title Agency, (1985–1988) 

Rus Vladimir Company, LPA, (1986–1988)

Russo Dorcas, Attorney, (1986–1988)

Edmond Bowers, Attorney, (1987–1989)

Real Estate Title Service Corporation, (1989–1991)

P. F. Maynard, (1990–1991)

James A. Bixby, (1992–1992)

Eugene W. Bixby, (1992–2000)

William Thorne, Attorney, (1992–1993)

Heiss and Associates, (1993–1993)

OH Reality Advisors, (2002-2003)

Physicians Insurance Specialists, (2003-2003) 

Securities America, Inc., (2003–2003)

TLC Home Care Agency, (2002–2003)

Investors Royal Alliance, (2004–2005)

Andrew M. Korduba, Attorney, (2005–2008)

Vestige Ltd., (2005-2011)

Terrence Leland Custom Furnishings, (2006–2008)

Christopher Freeman, Attorney, (2009–2011)

David V. Gedrock, Attorney, (2009–2016)

Wiles, Byle, Burkholder, and Bumgardner Company, (2012–2013)  

Blue Velvet, (2013–2014)

Isaac Wiles Burkholder and TTR, LLC, (2014-2015)    

Bonezzi, Switzer, Polito and Hupp Co., LPA, Brian Kerns, Prop. (2016-Present)

Brian Kerr, Attorney, (2016-Present)

David V. Gedrock, Attorney, (2016-Present)


South-side Public Square 10.jpg

#47 East Washington Street: South Side Public Square, Reinhardt Block-1880

1.  1878 - "With the letting of the contract to build the Town Hall and Engine House, by the village council other buildings will also be put up on the only spot left vacant by the great fire of 1870.

2.  O. N. Leach will build a two story brick store adjoining the Phoenix block. Between that and the town hall there are two lots, one of which has been bought by A. D. Faust, who will build a two story, brick building.

3.  The other Lot will probably be sold to parties who will build on it, and thus the entire space will be closed up with a row of brick business houses."

Reinhardt Bakery and Candy Shop, George. W. Reinhardt, Prop. (1880–1930)

1.  How different this view of the business blocks along the south side of the square looks from a picture that might be taken today (1937) from the same location. The shiny super-streamlined automobile has all but crowded the horse and buggy from the street. Very rarely can a horse-drawn vehicle be seen about the park today.

2.  The physical appearance of the block has changed very little except for the modern fronts, which have dressed up the present stores, and the balconies on the second floors which have since been removed. Many a pleasant hour of conversation must have been spent on the awning covered balcony in those "horse and buggy” days when life was much slower and probably much easier. The first doorway on the left was to the Firehouse which is still there today (1937).

3.  However, then it housed a horse-drawn steam pumper. Next in order up the street came Reinhardt's Bakery, Will Hobart Hardware store, O. Leach's store, the entrance to Dr. A Nichols' dentist office, the Post Office the Old Phoenix Bank; the McDowell Drug Store and the Phoenix Store. The Old Phoenix Bank is the only business establishment which still remains in the block today. (1937)

4.  A. D. Faust sold his new building adjoining Town Hall to G. W. Reinhardt the baker in 1880.

5.  A new stone walk installed in front of the Reinhardt block in 1880 and a new glass store front added on the Reinhardt’s store in 1893.

6. The Odd Fellows had an oyster supper at Reinhardt’s bakery Monday night after going through their regular business and initiating a candidate in 1886.

7.  A generation ago most business blocks had balconies, but now the last in Medina Village on the Reinhardt Block is gone in 1926.

G. W. Reinhardt adv, 1880.jpg

Reinhardt Grocery Store, George W. Reinhardt, Prop. (1930–1936)

I.  In 1936 Reinhardt’s bakery closed. Business founded by George W. Reinhardt in 1873 in the Empire Block and now more than 60 years ago.

         The Store was occupied as a grocery, bakery and confectionary store for 56 years.

Abrams’s Men’s Clothing Store, Albert Abrams Prop. (1937–1969)

1.  Abrams moved into the bakery store from his previous store location at #11 West Public Square and remodel the store with a new glass front in 1937.

2.  Beginning Thursday December 1, 1968 and for the balance of the week the Abrarns Clothing and Shoe store is observing the formal opening of its newly enlarged, refurnished and redecorated quarters.

3.  By removing the shoe department of the store to a large room between the clothing and hat department and the alteration department has materially added to the floor space of the establishment.

4.   The addition of blond maple show cases and fixture together with chrome and red leather chairs and settees has greatly increased the eye appeal of the interior of the store.

Sherwin-Williams Paint Store, (1969–1971)

Robert’s Village Jewelers, (1971–1973)

Totero’s Jewelers, (1974–1980)

Interior Design Studios and JK Gifts, Mark Roberts, Prop. (1981–2007)

1.  Roberts moved the Studios to 205 South Court Street in 2007.

Contemporary Photography, (2008–2008)

Medina Oriental Rugs, (2009–2011)

Posh Peacock, (2011–2014)

Southside Public Square 14.jpg

Something’s Popping, Lorene Hocevar, Prop. (2014–Present)

2018 South-side PS.jpg