West Washington Street

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A Joel Foose Photo

A Joel Foose Photo

#100 West Washington Street: 1875, 1876-Basement of Albro Block       

Chavis and Berry Barbershop, Frank Chavis and John Berry, Props. (1876-1878)

1.  In 1876, Frank Chavis has just refinished his barbershop with new chairs, and cases and has now the finest shop in town.  He has formed a partnership with John Berry.

Cohan Tonsorial Artist and Barber Shop, Edward Cohan, Prop. (1878-1884)

1.  Razor honing is done with neatness and a dealer in tobacco and cigars too.

Marks Meat Market, Hyram Marks, Prop. (1885-1891)

1.  Hyram Marks had a meat market in the basement of the west end of Wall’s drug store.

Welton Farm Supply Store, C. M. Welton, Prop. (1901-1909)

Iper Fish Market, W. H. Iper, Prop. (1910-1913)

Used for storage by #32 Public Square Proprietor (1914–1980)

North American Energy Management (1981-1985) 

Used for storage by #32 Public Square Proprietor, (1985-1988)

Medina School of Music (1989-1999)

Private Residence (2000-2016)

#102 West Washington Street: Miller–Chamberlin Block–1874, Basement

Kimball and Holcomb Meat Market, C. H. Kimball and D. M. Holcomb, Props. (1874-1875)

Holcomb and Company Meat Market, D. M. Holcomb, Prop. (1875-1881)

1.  An African-American lady barber cut hair under the Miller general store in the 1870’s.

Basement utilized by #201 South Court Street Proprietors for sales room and storage space, (1882-1909)

Offineer’s Barbershop, Herb Newton and David Davis, Barbers, (1910-1925)

It is always rewarding to identify individuals in old photos: Thanks to Dixie Beedle Herthneck Geddis these children are identified as her Aunts, Amber Eleanor Beedle and Alda Eloise Beedle (Born 30 June 1910), twin daughters of Jay and Fanny Roshon Beedle. Jay Beedle was a blacksmith by trade and owned both buildings at #108 and #110 West Washington Street where the family lived on the second floor from 1918 to 1922. (See photo)

Seymour Barber Shop, M. Seymour, Prop. (1926-1933)  

1.  The Seymour barbershop left under the B&L store in the Miller Block in 1933.

Busy Bee Shoe Repair, V. Trizzion and Jim Aronica, Props. (1934-1948)

1.  In rear at #102 West Washington Street. Mr. V. Trizzion left the partnership in 1943.

Basement utilized by #201 South Court Street Proprietors for sales room and storage space, (1948-1977)                 

Comstock’s of Medina Cleaner Sales and Repair, (1978-1982)

Vacant, (1983-1985)

V. I. P. Beauty Supplies, (1986-1988)

Vacant, (1989-1990)

The Card Corner, (1991-1993)

The Acorns End, (1993-1995)

Personal TCH Painting, (1995-1996)

Medina Chocolate Box, (1997-2001)

Vacant, (2002-2007)

Teresa Barrington, (2008-2011) 

Main Street Cupcakes, (2012-2013)           

Vacant, (2014-2014)

The Raspberry and the Rose, Melissa Ziogas, Prop. (2014–2015)

1.  Business moved to #241 South Court Street in 2015.                       

Uptown Hair Salon, Nicky Gallopli, Prop. (2015–2017)


Nibble Shop, Melissa Ziogas, Prop. (2017-2018)   

1.  Located in Medina's Historic District, Nibble features gourmet food and gifts. Free gift wrap and excellent customer service. Stop in and Nibble with us!

Nibble Shop.jpg

2.  Nibble Gourmet Foods moved their business to a much larger and attractive location at 229 South Court Street in October, 2018.

Cocoa Gourmet Artisan Chocolates, Melissa Malone, Prop. (2018-Present)

Cocoa 3.jpg

1.  Melissa Malone owns Cocoa as well as the Bookstore and Handmade Gift Store in the Medina Historic District.

Cocoa 2.jpg

#106 West Washington Street: Gooden Bldg.-1927, Hershey Bldg.-1950

Rettig Saddle, Harness and Trunks, R. R. Rettig, Prop. (1866-1910)

1.  Cash paid for hides, calf and deacon skins, sheep pelts, fox skins and coon skins.

Medina Meat Market, Anna and Henry Young, Props. (1911-1915)

1.  Henry Young sold Medina Meat Market to Charles Calcott for $2600 in 1915.

White Front Meat Market, Charles Calcott, Prop. (1915-1917)

1.  Charles Calcott’s White Front Meat Market sold to Andrew Erb in 1917.

2.  Andrew Erb moved the meat market to #254 South Court Street in 1917.

Brought Meat Market, F. H. Brought, Prop. (1917-1919)

1.  F. H. Brought moved from Weymouth to work here in 1917 but, he moved his meat market from here in 1919.

Earl Plumbing and Heating Company, Carl T. Earl, Prop. (1920-1925)

1.  Carl Earl plumbing and heating left West Washington in 1925.

Beck and Charlton Radio Shop, Glen Beck and Mahlon Charlton, Props. (1925-1926)

1.  Beck Brothers Hardware radio business sold to Glen Beck and Mahlon Charlton and they opened the business here in 1925.

Shorty Gooden Barber Shop, Clyde C. Gooden, Prop. (1927–1950)

1.  In 1927, Clyde C. 'Shorty' Gooden moved from his barbershop at #205 South Court Street to this small building used as a radio repair shop at the rear of Newcomer’s Shoe Store.

2.  In 1933, an Ohio law was passed which made all future barbers, after this point, first obtain a barbers license.

3.  Mildred and Thomas W. Goulding, Proprietors of Western Auto Store bought the building in 1949.

Hershey’s Barber Shop, Carl Hershey, Prop. (1950–1982)

1.  In 1950, Clyde C. ‘Shorty’ Gooden sold his barbershop to Carl Hershey of Grafton, Ohio who has been working for him.

2.  Gooden will retain the dry cleaning and laundry business here.

3.  Gooden was a barber in Medina since 1920 and Glenn Rohrbaugh and Fred Schindelholz were barbers for Gooden for 21 years, until they opened their own shop in 1941 at #107 West Liberty Street.

Hershey’s Barber Shop, Don Hershey, Prop. (1983–2018)

1..  Hershey's has four barber chairs. The chairs date back to 1926, from another barber shop in Medina that is no longer in business.

2.  Barbershop building is owned by Park Exchange Ltd in 2010.

#108 West Washington Street: Beedle Bldg.-1922

Bissell Book Store, D. J. Bissell, Prop. (1849-1855)

Asire Furniture Store, William Asire, Prop. (1855-1871)

Hemmeter Marble Works, Daniel Hemmeter, Prop. (1872-1903)

1.  Besides monuments and tombstones, Hemmeter works in granite and makes marble shelving and table tops. He employs 5 hands during the summer time.

2.  Mr. Hemmeter, who recently purchased the Smith property just west of the Gazette Block, has built an addition for a work shop.  We are glad that he has received a number of orders.

Medina Monumental Company, Frank Worden, Prop. (1903-1912)

1.  In 1903, Dan Hemmeter sold the monument business and lot 32 for $2200 to Frank Worden of Weymouth and F. A. Perkins of Horseheads, New York. Only Worden will be the resident owner.

2.  Frank Worden, President and Manager Medina Monumental will establish a new place of his business in 1912.

Medina Monumental Company, Jay C. Beedle, Prop. (1912-1922)

1.  Frank Worden sold his business and building to Jay C Beedle in 1912.

2.  Medina Monumental Company to sell blacksmithing, office furniture, and stone work tools in 1922.

Jay C. Beedle tore down the old frame building just east of his livery stable (the old monument shop for many years at 108 West Washington Street) and replaced it with a 2-story frame building with a concrete front in 1918.

New Home Restaurant, Stanley G. Funk, Prop. (1923-1932)

1.  Funk added a new brick front to his restaurant in 1931.

Medina Restaurant, Martha Washburn and son, Paul Washburn, Props. (1932-1938)

1.  Washburn’s took over management of the New Home Restaurant in 1932.

Medina’s Good Food Restaurant, (1939–1965)

1.  A family restaurant serving Medina customers for 26 years.

St. Matthews on Washington St.jpg

Vacant, (1966-69)

Northern Ohio Telephone Office, (1970-1974)

Creative Nook, (1975-1981)

Greyhound Bus Station, (1981-1982)

The Duck’s Rudder, (1982-1993)

Vacant, (1994-1994)      

Creative Consignment, (1995-1996)

That Piano Shop, (1997-1998)

Linda’s Clothes Closet, (1999-2001)

Vacant, (2002-2003)

J. C. Crafters, (2004-2004)

Vacant, (2005-2005)

Sports World Custom Imprinted Apparel, (2006-2008)

1.  Sports World moved to #213 South Court Street in 2009.

BSK Creations, Bea Kish, Prop. (2009-2010)  

Vacant, (2011-2011)      

Available Tutors, Inc, (2012- 2015)

Available Tax Service Inc., (2016-Present )

Designs by Elizabeth Anne, Elizabeth Cheuvront, Prop. (2016-Present)


#108.5 West Washington Street: Beedle Bldg.-1922, 2nd Floor

Carlyle and Nondas Beedle, (1922-1929)

C. E. Bowman, (1929-1930)

Vernon Horton, (1931-1935)

Occupants Unknown, (1936-1947)

John W. Brown, (1948-1951)

Gene N. Fowls, (1952-1955)

Roy Crawley Jr., (1956-1956)

Medina Chamber of Commerce, (1956-1959) 

Vacant, (1960-1963)

Charles R. Payne, (1963-1965)

Vacant, (1966-1975)

Karen Higham, (1976-1981)

Laura Handy, (1982-1987) 

Vacant, (1988-1991)

Tracie and Charles Handy, (1992-93)

T. M. Hnanicek, (1994-1995)

Richard D. and J. Rennert, (1996-1997)

Jeremy W. Stewart, (1998-1999) 

Bradley David, (2001-2002)

Timothy Roskey, (2003-2005)

K. Houston, (2006-2007)

Occupants Unknown (2007-2016)

SAG Original Custom Clothing, (2016)


#109 West Washington Street, Warner Block–1890

Carlos J. Warner and Son, Charles E. Warner built this as an extension of their Dry Goods Store on South Court Street for $7,500 in 1890.

Warner Dry Good Store, Carlos J. Warner, Prop. (1890–1895)

1.  "An event that has not been equaled by any of our sister town, and has rarely been surpassed by the more pretentious stores of the larger cities, was the grand opening of C. J. Warner and Son's magnificent new store room on Sept. 10. Despite the stormy weather nearly everybody in town was present to the brilliant and novel scenes, and the innumerable goods that make up the modern dry goods store. Weiling's excellent orchestra furnished the music for the occasion, and the latter part of the evening was spent in dancing."

2.  A change in the management in one of the oldest and best known dry goods firms in Medina took place Feb. 1st. Carlos J. Warner, who has perhaps been longer in the business harness than any other man in town, retired on that day from the firm. The new firm will be known as C. E. Warner and Company

Warner Dry Goods Store, Charles E. Warner, Prop. (1890-1909)

Comet Lodge #60 Knights of Pythias, 2nd Floor, (1903-1928)  

1.  They moved to 2nd floor of the Warner Block to rooms fitted up in fine style in 1903.

March and Fretter Auto Garage and Livery, Albert Fretter and A. C. March, Props. (1909-1915)

1.  Marsh and Fretter opened an auto livery and garage for Gyroscope autos in Warner Block under the K of P Hall in 1909.

Cole’s Laundry and Dry Cleaning Agency, Wintfred Cole, Prop. (1910 -1916)

1.  In 1910, Winford E. Cole Laundry purchased the Walton and Brought Laundry Agency and is now sole agent for Cleveland, Lorain and Wooster Laundries.  His headquarters are in the Warner basement, the first door west of Wall’s Drug Store.              

McNeal Ladies Clothing Store, George McNeal, Prop. (1910-1912)

1.  George McNeal bought Cole’s laundry business agency office in 1910 and sold it to O. D. Allen in 1912

Pierce Tire Company, E. T. Pierce, Prop. (1910-1925)

1.  E.T. Pierce sells DeLaval cream separators at the old stand at the Warner block in 1911.

2.  E. T. Pierce will rent store room in the Warner Block on West Washington Street in 1912.

Allen and Winter Carriage and Implement Store, O. D. Allen and Myron A. Winter, Props. (1910-1912)

1.  Allen and Winter in Warner Block with E. T. Pierce in 1910.

2.  O. D. Allen sells buggies and spring wagons.

Kern Furnace, Stove, Roofing and Spouting Company, Charles J. Kern, Prop. (1911-1920)

1.  Charles Kern left Munson Hardware as a mason shop foreman and furnace man and will go into business for himself tinning and furnaces in the east room of the Warner Block with employee Fred Kern in 1911.

2.  Kern furnace business moved in 1920 to #121 West Washington Street.

Allen Laundry and Dry Cleaning Agency, O. D. Allen, Prop. (1912-1915)

1.  Allen Laundry Agency sold to Frank L. Wood in 1915 and it will continue in the same place with Winfred E. Cole operating the Agency.

Pierce and Allen Livestock Insurance, E. T. Pierce and Mr. O. D. Allen, Props. (1912-1922)

1.  E. T. Pierce will rent store room in the Warner Block on West Washington Street in 1912.

2.  E. T. Pierce store is in the east room of the Warner Block in 1920.

Wood Dry Cleaning Store, Frank L. Wood, Prop. (1915-1917)

1.  Wood Dry Cleaning operated by C. J. Kern in his storeroom from 1915 to1917.

Lorain and Wooster Laundry Agency, M. Ganyard, Agent, (1917-1918)          

Cole’s Laundry and Dry Cleaning Agency, Wintfred Cole, Prop. (1918-1920)

1.  A fancy stand-cover was stolen from W. E. Cole’s laundry agency in 1919.

2.  W. E. Cole manufacturing agent for Thomas Guaranteed Raincoats made to order, for gents are reversible, 2-in-1 and priced at $7.98-$32.50 in 1920.

Medina Tire Exchange, F. H. Brought, Prop. (1926-1927)

1Medina Tire Exchange founded by F. H. Brought in 1926, sued Derwin B. Nettleton for $14,703 in 1927 for not buying his business as promised.

Medina Tire Exchange, George Eades and John Shaw, Props. (1927-1931)

1.  The Medina Tire Exchange building and equipment of Frank Brought leased to Frank Vance and Dick Wideman who will move a few doors east in 1931.

Wideman Electric Shop, Clyde Wideman, Prop. (1933–1936)

1.  Clyde Wideman bought E. E. Tintsman electrical wiring business and moved it here in 1933.

Zarney Shoe Shop, Joseph Zsarney, Prop. (1936-1954)

1.  Joe Zsarney a first class shoe repair moved in 1936.

2.  Joseph and son Aladar Joe Zsarnay added 16’ x 20’ to rear for shoe repair with a shoe store in front in 1947, Joe retired after 21 years in Medina and business closed in 1954.

Medina Appliances Store, (1948-1954)

Vacant, (1955-1955)

Ziegler’s Men’s Store, Charles and Richard Ziegler, Props. (1956-1993)

Doll House Miniature Shoppe, (1994-2002)

Tandem Trolley Company, (2003-2007)

Vacant, (2008-2009)

The Potomac Bead Company, Bert White, Prop. (2009-2016)

The Book Store, Melissa Malone, Prop. (2016-Present)

All proceeds from The Book Store go to Literacy Outreach which is a 501c3 organization.  Through the Literacy Outreach program we are able to donate books to underfunded classrooms and libraries throughout Ohio.                                


#110 West Washington Street: Barrow Bldg.-1858, Warren Bldg.-1902

Rawson Stove and Tin Shop, S. Rawson, Prop. (1849-1852)

Beckwith Stoves and Tin Ware Store, J. B. Beckwith, Prop. (1852-1854)

Hayslip and Kimball Stove, Tin and Copper Ware Shop. George P. Hayslip and George Kimball, Props. (1854-1858)

Hayslip and Kimball purchased the entire stock of J. B. Beckwith Stove and Tin Shop in 1854.

Barrow Cabinet Maker and Undertaker, John Barrow, Prop. (1858–1877)

1.  John Barrow has purchased of A. Davis his interest in the cabinet ware rooms and is prepared to fill ail orders with promptness.  He offers for sale both elegant and plain furniture.

2.  In 1872 Barrow’s business for the year of 1872 earned him $4,000.

3.  Mr. Johnson’s upholstery business in the Barrow furniture rooms makes beds, lounges, etc.  In 1872.

4.  1877-A new cabinet shop 22’ x 36’ is about to be built by John Barrow on the grounds occupied by the one burned a short time ago.  Mr. Gower is now putting in the foundation.  W. G. Tilley is to do the carpenter work.  Mr. Barrow expects the insurance money on the building burned-some $800- the last of this month.

Huddleston Blacksmith Shop, T. Huddleston, Prop. (1877-1902)

1.  Thomas Huddleston, from Richfield, has bought the lot formerly occupied by Barrow’s cabinet shop, on Washington Street, and is putting up a first-class blacksmith shop.

Warren Livery Stable, George E. Warren Prop. (1902-1910)

1.  W.C. Arick sold livery barn on lot #32 to George E. Warren for $1500 in 1902.

2.  Warren Livery moved here from #110 North Court Street in 1902.

3.  Flo Bennett sold lots #32, #33 and #34 to John Huffman for $1300 in 1906.

Davis Blacksmith and Livery Stables, C. F. Davis, Prop. (1910-1911)

1.  Davis sold his livery business to J. C. Beedle in 1911 for $2000.

Beedle Blacksmith and Livery, Jay C. Beedle, Prop. (1911-1922)

1.  Jay Beedle drops his blacksmith business in 1915.

2.  Beedle carries the mail between the Medina Post Office and the railway depots.

Beedle and Gouch Livery, Jay C. Beedle and F. F. Gouch, Props. (1922-1927)

Jay C. Beedle tore down the old frame building just east of his livery stable (the old monument shop for many years at 108 West Washington Street) and replaced it with a 2-story frame building with a concrete front in 1922.

Elyria Apron Shop, Fannie Beedle, Prop. (1927-1930)

Petroleum Supply Company Office, (1928-1930)

A and R Service Store, T. D. Dewitt, Prop. (1930–1933)

A & R Appliance Store (Loren's) crop.jpg

1.  Service shop distributor of Majestic Radios in 1930, appliances repaired in 1931, Dewitt sells new ice-less

2.  Refrigerators in 1933. PHILCO RADIOS 1937-43

The Western Electric Store, F. F. Gouch, Prop. 1933-1935)

Nourse’s Nature and Flower Shop, Ralph Nourse, Prop. (1935-1937)

1.  Ralph Nourse decorated the store in silver and black and moved in 1935

2.  Nourse’s Nature Shop sells Boston bull pups for $10 in 1936.

St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, (1938–1951)

St. Matthews on Washington St.jpg

1.  St. Matthew’s congregation was founded as a two part mission known as St. Peter’s/ St. Paul’s with Lodi Pastor Waldo E. Byers serving both parishes.  On February 6, 1938 the first service was held at the Little Store Front Church at 110 West Washington Street with standing room only.

2.  On April 29, 1951 the final service was held at the Little Store Front Church and the next week the first service was held at their new Church on North Broadway Street.

3.  O. E. Meyers sold the building at 110 West Washington Street to M. M. Gensemer and he built a concrete office to the rear, installed a new store front and remodeled the 1400 square foot sales room in 1951, but Gensemer did not move his store, because he died during the renovation of the store.

St. Matthews rear.jpg

McClelland’s Sportswear, Pauline and Willard Mc Clelland, Props. (1951-1960)

Hale’s Pioneer Room Restaurant, (1961–1963)

1.  Herman Hale moved his restaurant here from #108 North side Public Square.

Medina Community Hospital Campaign Headquarters, (1964-1965)

Medina Camera and Music, David B. King and Ted Gavin, Props. (1964-1967)

1. Medina Camera and Music moved in from #218 South Court Street when Phoenix store space was closed in 1964.

Medina Camera and Music, Harold and Kathryn King and Ted Gavin, Props. (1967-1993)

1.  Co-owner and an active member in Medina Community affairs, David B. King died April 2, 1967 and his parents assumed his interests in the business with Ted Gavin.

Medina Camera and Music, Kathryn King and Ted Gavin, Props. (1970-1993)

1.  Harold King passed away in 1970 and his wife Kathryn took over as co-owner with Ted Gavin.

Medina Camera and Gems, Louis Burmeister, Prop. (1993-1994)

1.  In 1993, Medina Camera and Music business was sold to Louis Burmeister.

Medina Sports Cards, William Hanchak, Prop. (1995-2018)

1.  In 2011 a fire gutted the Sports Card Store.

108-110 West Washington Street.jpg


#110.5 West Washington Street: Barrow Bldg.-1858, Warren Bldg.-1902

Residential Apartments

Anna Harger, (1950-1952)

James Haumesser, (1953-1956)

Arthur Fluker, (1953-1960)

Kenneth W. Wyant (1961-1963)

Lerita M. Hier (1963-1968)

Vacant, (1969-1975)

Lerita M. Hier, (1976-1978)

No Listing (1979-1995)

Mandi Crum, (1996–2003)

Jennifer Carter, (2004-2004)

Vacant, (2005-2017)

#111 West Washington Street: Barrow Bldg.-1877

Barrow Furniture Store, John Barrow, Prop. (1877-1901)

1.  1877-A new cabinet shop 22’ x 36’ is about to be built by John Barrow on the grounds occupied by the one burned a short time ago.  Mr. Gower is now putting in the foundation.  W. G. Tilley is to do the carpenter work.  Mr. Barrow expects the insurance money on the building burned-some $800- the last of this month.

2.  John Barrow came from England in 1851, occupation carpenter/joiner and was an undertaker and cabinet maker from 1858-1877 and furniture store owner 1887 to 1887.

3.  Barrow died in 1905 at the age of 83 years.

4.  L. G. Sturges opened a livery stable in the barn at rear of Barrow’s cabinet shop in 1881.

Wright Upholsterer, W. A. Wright, Prop, (1909-1912)

Pierce Auto Livery, E. T. Pierce, Prop. (1913–1922)

1.  E. T. Pierce to convert old frame building west of Warner Block, now a blacksmith shop, into an auto repair shopand sales office for Studebaker in 1913.

Pierce and Mason Studebaker Auto Garage, E. T. Pierce, Prop. (1913-1922)

1.  E. T. Pierce sells automobile medal chains in 1915.

2.  E. T. Pierce sells Goodyear and Fisk tires here in 1919.

3.  Dan R. Pelton and S. E. Johnson will sell the Keck boots to be manufactured in a room on West Washington occupied by E. T.  Pierce, to be called Medina Rubber Company and also sells Akron-Universal tires in 1922,

4.  E. T. Pierce Auto Livery including the Fisk tires garage was destroyed by fire in 1923.

Willard Service Station, F. C. Davis and Son, Prop. (1922-1930)

Medina Tire and Exchange, Frank Vance and Dick Wideman, Props. (1931-1932)

1.  Medina Tire Exchange building and equipment of Frank Brought was leased to Frank Vance and Dick Wildman who will move from a few doors east in 1931.

2.  Walter and Harold Roshon at the rear of their present building will move with them in 1931.

3.  John Roshon took over oil and gas business in 1931.

Medina Shoe Rebuilding Company, M. E. Seaton, Manager, (1932-1933)

Joe Tekus and Son Merchant Tailors, (1933 -1936)

Federal Office of Price Administration Office, (1941-1945)

Medina Appliance Store, (1946-1948)

1.  Room in Ziegler block vacated by OPA leased to Medina Appliance for 2nd store in 1946.

Quality Upholstery Company (1948-1952)

Greyhound Bus Company, Mrs. Ardis M. Babcock, Agent, (1943-1956)

Greyhound Bus.jpg

Ziegler’s Men’s Store, Charles and Richard Ziegler, Props. (1956-1993)

Doll House Miniature Shoppe, (1994-2002)

Tandem Trolley Company, (2003-2007)

Vacant, (2008-2009)

The Potomac Bead Company, Bert White, Prop. (2009-2016)

The Book Store, Melissa Malone, Prop. (2016-Present)

All proceeds from The Book Store go to Literacy Outreach which is a 501c3 organization.  Through the Literacy Outreach program we are able to donate books to underfunded classrooms and libraries throughout Ohio.    


#116 West Washington Street: Fisher Bldg.-1858, Rickard -Wilson Bldg.-1962

Fisher Marble Works, C. W. Fisher, Prop. (1858-1860)

1.  C. W. Fisher returned from the West where he has been actively engaged in marble business and opened a shop on West Washington Street just below Beckwith stove shop. He sells both foreign and American marble in 1858.

2C. W. Fisher sold his marble works to J. Colbrunn in 1860

Colbrunn Marble Works, J. Colbrunn, Prop. (1860-1865)

1.  In 1848, his father T. Colbrunn made tombstones in Medina.

Unknown Proprietors (1866-1927)

A and R Radios and Service, T. D. Dewitt, Prop. (1928-1930)

1.  Business moved to #110 West Washington Street in 1930.

Bowman Restaurant, C. E. Bowman, Prop. (1931-1937)

1.  Jay Beedle sold the Bowman building at #116 West Washington which houses the Bowman Restaurant to Vern Horton in 1935 and Horton will remodel the upper floors and live in them.

Vacant, (1938-1940)

Nicodemus Cleaners, Farlin D. Nicodemus, Prop. (1941–1950)

1.  Nicodemus Cleaners moved to a new building on West Liberty Street in 1951.

2.  Dewey DeWitt opened an electric appliance repair shop in the building formerly occupied by Harlan H. Shane at rear of Nicodemus Cleaners in 1944.

Lawson’s Dairy, Ellison Brooks, Prop. (1950-1954)

1.  Fannie Mercer rented her building to Lawson’s 86th store with Ellison Brooks as manager in 1950.

2.  Lawson’s Dairy will move to the M. O. Hallock one story cement block building on North Court Street at East North Street in 1954.

Vacant, (1955-1955)

Mecca Paving Company, (1956-1960)

Mattie’s Dress Making Shop (1956-1960)

Old Frame building razed and a new attractive two story brick building is built in 1961.

Rickard and Wilson Real Estate and Insurance Agency, Harry Wilson, Prop. (1962-1978)

Vacant (1979-1981)

Christian Science Reading Room (1982-2018)


#116.5 West Washington Street: Richard-Wilson Bldg.-1962

Skidmore and Hall, Attorneys, (1966-1974)

Medina County Title Company, (1966-1974)

De Lor Industries Inc., (1971-1975)

Kay Pneumatics Inc., (1971-1975)

Approved Title Agency Inc., (1976-1978)

Vacant, (1979-1987)

Edward Jones and Company, Robert Mims, Manager, (1988-1989)

Old Towne Title Agency,  (1988-2001)

A. J. Marketing, (2004-2004)

Vacant, (2005-2018)


#120 West Washington Street: Professional Bldg.-1969

Amstutz Hatcheries, Vigil Neunschwander, Prop. (1945–1962)

Vincent W. Smelser, (1963-1966) 

Professional Building, (1969-1971)

McClelland’s, Inc. (1969-1974)

Cronk and Reinhardt of Rea and Associates (1969-1974)

New York Life Insurance Company, (1969-1974)

Williams and Batchelder, Attorneys, Harold Williams and William Batchelder, (1969–1976)

 Dr. K. G. Robinson, OD, (1969-1985)

M. R. Gilbert. Attorney, (1971-1974)

International Paper, (1971-1974)

Medina County Prosecuting Attorneys, (1971-1973)

Medina County Joint Vocational School Board, (1971-1973)

Oberholtzer, John and Clayton, Attorneys, (1971-1973)

Medina Industrial Properties, (1971-1973)

Minnesota Title Agency of Medina Inc., (1971-1974)

Seaway Title Corp., (1971-1973)

Neil W. Whitfield, Attorney, (1971-1973)

Medina Development and Building, (1971-1974)

Johnson C. Nevada Jr. Attorney, (1971-1976)

Snelling and Snelling, (1971-1978)

William G. Batchelder III and Alice Batchhelder, Attorney, (1973-2010)

William R. Fleming, Accountant, (1973–1974)

Carl Frame, CPA, (1974-1976)

David C. Turpin, CPA, (1974-1976)

McClelland’s Sportswear, (1975-1976)

Sun Life Insurance of Canada, (1976-1978)

Mack R. Gilbert, Attorney (1976-1978)

Bruce D. Parish, Attorney, (1976-1981) 

Richard T. Halishak and Associates. (1976-1981)

Minuteman Press, (1978-1982)

Community Chest, (1978-1982)

Cronk, Otis, Public Accountant, (1978-1982)

East Ohio Furnace Company, #119 (1982-1985)

Chemlawn, (1982-1986)

SC Medina Board of Education and Administration, (1988-2002) (2012-2013)

Medina Alliance Fellowship, (1991-1993) 

Sherrod Brown Congressman, (1996-2003)

Medina County, Ohio State University Extension, (1996-2015)

4H Club Office, (1996-2015)

Medina County Help Me Grow, (2004-2012)

Community Legal Aid Service, (2004-2015)

Battered Women’s Shelter Medina, (2011-2011)

County of Medina DVRSN & FRNSC, (2011-2012)

Hands Foundation, (2012-2012)

County of Medina Mediation, (2012-2015)

County of Medina Drug Abuse Commission, (2014-2016)


#121 West Washington Street: Hobart Bldg.-1872, Kern Bldg.-1920

Hobart Tin, Hardware and Stoves Store, William H. Hobart, Prop., (1872-1878)

1.  The Hobart Store moved to #45 South Public Square in 1878.

Andrews and Burdoin Carriage Shop, (1881-1885)

1.  Samuel Andrews and Frank M. Burdoin now partners, bought W. H. Hobart Stove Store on West Washington Street for a carriage shop and will build a workshop at the rear in 1881.

2.  A new front added to Burdoin and Andrews shop in 1881.

Burdoin and Hatch Tinners, Frank Burdoin and J. Hatch, Props. (1886-1909)

1.  Burdoin and Hatch Tinners are at Washington Street west of the Albro’s corner in 1887.

Medina Telephone Company, (1898-1905)

Oatman and Fisher Furnace Company, A. W. Oatman and N. O. Fisher, Props. (1905-1911)

1.  Oatman and Fisher in 1906 enlarged the front of their furnace building to the edge of the sidewalk and added large plate glass windows in 1908. 

2.  Oatman and Fisher dissolved their partnership in 1911.

Oatman Furnace Company, Arthur W. Oatman and Hattie Oatman Props. (1910–1915)

Iper’s Furnace Store, Charles Iper, Prop. (1915–1920)

1.  Arthur W. Oatman sold his furnace business to Charles H. Iper, his employee for 12 yrs in 1915.

2.  Oatman will retain the automobile business and is building an addition to the old stand on West Washington for exhibition and sales in 1916.

3.  Charles Iper sold furnace and bicycles in 1916.  Iper retired in 1920.

Kern Furnace, Stove, Roofing and Spouting Company, Charles. J. Kern, Prop. (1920–1948)

1. In 1920, C. J. Kern bought the A .W. Oatman Building on West Washington occupied by Iper’s Furnace Store. C. J. and L. M. Kern will have furnace, stove, roofing and spouting business with Mr. Iper

2.   L. M. Kern leaves the business in 1927.

3.  C. J.  Kern sells Sunbeam heating stoves now called furnaces by the truckload in 1928.

C. J. Kern adv 1932.jpg

Kern Furnace, Stove, Roofing and Spouting Company, Harry H. Kern, Prop. (1948–1963)

O. C. Disch Plumbing and Heating Contractor, (1948-1963)

Medina Taxi and Terminal Cabs, (1948-1971)

1.  Addis M.  Babcock Borsic owns and operates two taxi services from Greyhound terminal and is manager of Greyhound Station in 1952.

Greyhound Terminal Lines, (1948-1978)

1.  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Borsic operate Greyhound, West Union and taxi agency in 1962.

Western Union Telegraph Company, (1956-1974)

1.  Western Union moved to Greyhound station from the American House Hotel in 1954.

Medina Heating and Cooling, (1966-1974)

Craft Barn, (1975-1978)

Vacant, (1979-1981)

Greg’s Music Store, (1982-1988)

The Bike Shop, #121B, (1988-1990)

Medina Toy, (1989-1994)

Medina Flowers, Cakes and Candles #121B, (1991-1992)

Medina Toy, (1991-1994)

Property was sold to Old Phoenix National Bank Company in 1993 from Kern Estate.

Vacant, (1995-1995)

Public Parking Lot, (1996-present)

From the Old Phoenix Bank the property was sold to West Washington Properties in 1996.

#121.5 West Washington Street: 2nd Floor

Duff Sprankle residence, (1928-1931)

Maxine B. Davis (1956-1960)

Diane L Riley (1956-1960)

Myron E. Wass (1961-1963)

Evelyn Voss (1964-1966)

Sanford Rose and Associates of Medina (1983-1985)

Medina Sports Cards, (1991-1994)

#123 West Washington Street: Zsarnay Bldg.-1948

Zsarnay Shoe Service, Joseph Zsarnay, Prop. (1948-1959)

1.  Aldar Joe, Barbara and Joseph Zsarney family shoe repair shop..

2.  Zsarnay property sold to Old Phoenix National Bank for a 30 car parking lot in 1953. House will be moved, but shoe repair shop will to stay for now.

H. W. Hart, DDS, (1960-1969)

McShane Incorporated, (1969-1971)

Business Services, (1971-2001)

PAC Scientific, (?-1988)

Medina Courier Service, (?-1988)

Collins and Aikman, (?-1988)

Ad View, (?-1988)

GSM Technical Services, (1988-1993)

Sylvia M Johnson, (1988-1996)

BYK Gardner, (1991-1991)

Kenneth E., Kovesi, (1991-1993)

Stuart Scientific, (1992-1992)

C. M. Riley, Inc. (1994-1995)

Vacant, (2002-2003)

Burrow’s Sign Work, (2004-2008)

Hidden Inn Hill Embroidery, (2005-2008)

Vacant, (2009-2009)

Bee Scrappy, (2010-2012)

Inspired Designs by Elizabeth Anne Cheuvront, (2012-2016)

1.  Just steps off Medina Square, in a darling little red brick building adorned with awnings, two-tone painted soffits and a bright pink welcome bench, local artist Elizabeth Cheuvront is making quite a name for herself.


#124 West Washington Street: Professional Bldg.-1960

Welton Implement Store, (1901-

Roshon Brothers Garage, Chrysler Cars, (1927–1930)

Wallace Implement Company, E. E. Wallace, Prop.  (1931–1944)

1.  Wallace an International Harvester Agent since 1916.

Wallace Implement Company, Howard Ryan and Betty Jane Cramer, Prop. (1945–1949)

1.  E. E. Wallace died in 1944 and business was sold to Howard Ryan and Family.

Wallace Implement Company, Jack Ryan and Betty Aikey, Prop. (1949–1953)

Wallace Implement Company, Andrew H. Hinkel and Neal Bass, Prop. (1953–1962)

1.  E. E. Wallace Implements sold to Andrew H. Hinkel and Neal Bass in 1953.

New Professional Building Constructed, (1960)

Louisville Title Insurance Company, (1960-1962)

McCormick and Company, (1960-1962)

Red Cross Medina Chapter (1960-1963)

William R. Wolfe, Attorney, (1960-1963)

Henry L.  Perry (1960-1963) 

Oberholtzer and Skidmore Attorneys, (1960-1963)

Otis Cronk and C. W. Reinhardt, CPA, (1960-1966)

Williams-Batchelder Attorney’s, (1960-1966)

Medina County Board of Elections (1960-1971)

Bernard L. Simmons General Contractors, (1960-1971)

Andrew H. Dudas Real Estate, (1960-1974)

Medina County Tuberculosis and Health Agency, (1960-1974)

Medina Corporation, (1960-1978)

Hays Instruments and Controls Corporation, (1960-1963)

Zarney Advertising- Creative Studio, (1960-1963)

Fulton Insurance Agency (1960-1963)

Edward E. McVeigh Company- Mfg. Rep. (1960-1963)

W. J. Campbell, (1960-1963)

Acoustician Hearing Aid Center, (1960-1963)

Swagler’s Dry Cleaning, (1960-1963)

Ronald H. Hall Attorney, (1960-1963)

Nathan I. Galin DDS, (1960-1963)

National Management Inc. (1960-1963)

Medina Medical Art Center Inc. (1960-1963)

Irvin S. Strong, Attorney, (1960-1963)

Medina Development and Bldg. Corporation, (1963-1966)

John H.  Ziegler, Accountant, (1963-1966)

Navratil, James and Son Realtors, (1963-1966)

Jack M. Kinney Attorney, (1963-1966)

Field Enterprises, (1963-1966)

New York Life Insurance, (1963-1966)

Kenneth G. Robinson Optometrist, (1963-1966)

Foreman and McMannis, Attorneys, (1963-1966)

Clark Housewares Sales, Inc, (1963-1971)

Medina County Travel Service (1963-1971)

Don Williams and Associates Inc. (1963-1971)

McClelland’s Sportswear, (1963-1971)

Retail Credit Company, Inc. (1963-1971)

Gilbert and Whitfield, Attorneys, Mack Gilbert and Neal Whitfield, (1963-1974)

Richard E. Landesman, DDS, (1963-1974)

Stephen A. Peters, DDS, (1963-1974)

Mr. Vance’s Hairstyles, (1963-1974)

1.  Moved to 412 North Court Street in 1974.

Lorin Neeper, Attorney, (1963-1982)

Superior Electric Company, (1963-1982)

Matties Dress Making, (1963-1991)

Potlatch Forest Inc. (1963-1966)

Oberholtzer and Baird, (1963-1966)

E. G. Fahlman, (1963-1966)

Carolina Counter, (1963-1966)

Rodger R. Ingraham, Attorney, (1963-1966)

Nelson Employment Service, (1966-1969)

Medina County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, (1966-1969)

William M. Dietz, CPA, (1966-1971)

Jerome Romis and Associates, Architects, (1966-1974)

Eastlawn Memory Gardens, (1966-1978)

Catholic Social Service Bureau, (1966-1981)

JFK Products, (1966-1969)

J. Richard McMannis, Attorney, (1969-1971)

International Paper Company, (1969-1974)

Oberholtzer and Oberholtzer, Attorneys, (1969-1976)

Rea and Associates, (1969-1978)

Seaway Title Company, (1969-1981)

R. G. Schultz Jr. (1969-1971)

C. W. Reinhardt, (1971-1974)

Amos C Mears Office (1971-1981)

Quinten Seeley Life Insurance Agency, (1971–1988)

Hasco Assurance Agency, Inc. (1971-1974)

Henry Smith Agency, (1971-1974)

Scanlon Sales Company, (1971-1974)

Medina Industrial Properties, (1971-1974)

Medina County Joint Vocational School Office, (1972-1974)

Clark-Korte Associates, Inc. (1972-1974)

Sanford Rose Associates of Medina, (1974-1982)

Midland Title Security, Inc. (1974-1985)

Snelling and Snelling, (1975-1981) 

Professional Customer Service, (1977-1978)

Minnesota Title Agency of Medina, Inc. (1977-1978)

Jason Taddeo, MD, (1977-1978)

Thomas G. Smith, MD, (1977-1978)

Medina Real Estate, (1977-1978)

Prescott Ball and Turban, (1977-1978)

Van Auken Bridges, Inc. (1977-1978)

Chem-Lawn, (1978-1981)

Catholic Youth Organization, (1978-1981)

Equifax Services, (1978-1981)

James H. Podolny Company, (1978-1981)

Medina City Schools Board of Education, (1978-1982)

New York Life Insurance, (1978-1994)

United Community Chest of Medina, (1978-1981)

Jocelyn Steel, (1981-1981)

Carol’s Nu- Image, (1981-1981)

Kenneth G. Robinson, Optometrist, (1981-1982)

State Farm Insurance, (1981-1982)

Medina City Schools Student Services, (1981-1982)

Minuteman Press, (1981-1993)

Robert J. Brown, (1982-1982)

Legal Aid of Medina County. (1982-1982)

Letters and Logos, (1982-1982)

Medina Land Title Agency, (1982-1982)

Inter-Exchange Communication, (1982-1985)

Armstrong Utilities, Inc. CATV, (1982-1985)

Western Reserve Legal Services, (1985-1998)

P. Somerville, CPA, (1985-1988)

Recovery, Inc. (1985-1988)

Medina Toy, (1985-1988)

Gideon’s International, (1986-1988)

Cigna Financial Services, (1986-1988)

Campbell and Associates, Inc. (1986-1988)

Donald L. Butler, (1986-1988)

Brigitte’s Astro, (1986-1988)

American Business Centers, (1986-1988)

Dietz and Company, CPA’s, (1988-1993)

Lease One, Inc. (1988-1993)

Paul F. Galo, (1988-1994)

Medina Hiring Aid Service, (1988-1995)

Farmers Insurance Group, (1988-1995)

Salvation Army of Medina. (1989- 1993)

Stanley Cravens Insurance Agency, (1989-1991)

Hertel Cutting Tech, (1991-1993)

YMCA Medina County Family, (1991-1995)

Medina Metals, (1991-1995)

Flaherty Sales Company, (1991-1995)

Brown and Dickens Company, (1991-1995)

Troup Insurance Agency, (1992-1994)

Schaffer Insurance, (1992-1994)

Medina Alliance Fellowship, (1993-1995)

Dance Elegance Ballroom Studio, (1993-2001)

Medina Akron Beacon Journal Bureau, (1995-1995)

Medina County Emergency, (1996-1996)

Congressman Sherrod Brown, (1996-2008)

Medina County Planning Commission, (1996-2009)

Medina County Sheriff’s Home Arrest, (1998-1998)

Medina County Federal Credit Union, (1998-2000)

Medina County Board of Education, SC (2000-2015)

Congressman Ralph Regula, (2004-2008)

County of Medina Drug Abuse Commission, (2010-2013)

County of Medina Public Defender, (2010-2015)

County of Medina Planning Service, (2010-2015)

Cornerstone Wellness, (2011-2011)

County of Medina Battered Women, (2012-2015)

Community Legal Aid Services, Inc. (2016-Present)

Faith In Action, (2016-Present)

William G.  Batchelder, Attorney, (2016-Present)

#132 West Washington Street: Bates Apartments,-1867, Holtzburg Apartments,-1930

Albert and Mary J. Bates, (1867-1911)

1.  Mary J. Bates has lived on south side of West Washington next door and east of the Peake residence since 1867, says the 1909 Medina Gazette.

2.  Mary J. Bates was born 1829 in a log cabin in York Township in 1836, and moved here in 1867 with father, Albert, who died here in 1910.

3.  George Redway’s brother owned the property before that and Reverend G. S. Davis, of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church owned it also for some time.

Meeta M. and Homer J.  Hale, 1900-1901)

Gertrude J. and Harland L. Tibbals, 1901-1905)

Mrs. Law, (1902-1905)

Mrs. Rowe, (1902-1905)

Mr. Shaw, (1905-1910)

Lauretta B. Triffit, (1911-1931)

1.  Mary J. Bates sold her house to Lauretta B. Triffit, a music teacher for $2,905 in 1911, who with her sister, Amelia Woodruff, rents out rooms from 1912 to 1930.

2.  Lauretta Triffit sold a 65’ lot on east side facing West Washington to Charles W. Winters for $1000 in 1911.

C. W. Barnes, (1912-1914)

Peter N. Yoder, (1914-1917)

1.  P.N. Yoder rented Triffit residence, formerly the Bates home in 1914.

Rufus Heyd, (1917-1920)

1.  Miss Triffit rents 2 suites in her apartment house in 1917.

Frank Brought, (1920-1922).

Mildred l. Holtzburg, (1922-1925)

Malicent I. and Tom Raycroft, (1922-1923)

1.  For rent: 5 rooms all conveniences with gas and coal heat in 1925.

Wells Whipple, (1925-1928)

D. V. Fildes, (1928-1930)  

1.  Lauretta Triffit sold her apartment house to Flora Belle and Elmer E. Holtzburg in 1930,

2.  Elmer E. Holtzburg, a pioneer to Oklahoma Territory and Kansas, worked at Goodrich, built the AC&Y railroad, a, marshal and, night watchman for Medina Village from 1926 to 1940, died in 1953. 

Belle Barnett, (1930-1931)

Frank Ashdown, (1931-1935)

Emily E. (Root) and John Wesley Buchanan, (1936-1938)

Genevieve and Neal Roshon, (1937-1938)

1.  Postmaster and wife will live in apartment in Holtzburg house in 1937.

Annie C. and William A.  Mahaffey, (1937-1947)

Pauline and Harold Mills, (1938-1941)

Fred Kuhn and Theresa Kuhn, (1938-1941)

1.  Fred Kuhn, manager of Miller-Jones shoe store and sister, Theresa, manager of Isaly’s Dairy moved into Holtzburg apartments in 1938.

Margaret Rae and Spencer W. Parsons, (1942-1944) 

C. E. Bittner, (1942-1944)

E.E. Holtzburg, (1943-1946)

Mrs. Dale Bachtell, (1944-1946)

Larry M. Kulp and Helen L. Kulp, (1947-1948)

Janice Marie and John Beck, (1948-1954)

1.  Janice Marie, stenographer at Medina County Welfare and John M. Beck, bookkeeper at Lance and Co, moved here in 1948.

A. Jean and Harry G.  Lloyd, (1948- 1949)

Pearl M. Rice, (1948-1954)

Lois Z. and Herbert Lass, (1949-1954)

John Beck Jr., (1949-1954)

West Washington Street and South Elmwood Street, 1955

West Washington Street and South Elmwood Street, 1955

William Foley Sr., (1955-1960)

Millie Miller, (1955-1960)

Bessie Summers, (1956-1960)

Nellie Black, (1956-1960)

Florabelle Holtzburg, (1957-1962)

Vacant House, (1960-1963)

Carl E Singer, (1963-1966)

William E. Green and Helen V. Wilt, (1963-1966)

Apartments demolished in 1967

#133 West Washington Street: Rowe-McDowell House

Rowe-McDowell Private residence (Prior to 1910)

1.  Blake McDowell, born in Medina in 1868, son of R. M. McDowell, attended Oberlin College and works at Ohio Farmers Insurance Company, makes his home where Mrs. Rowe lives ½ block from Public Square in 1915.

Nellie B. (Holben) and Gardner H. Wilder, (1910-1912)

Rev. S. F. Dimmock, west side of McDowell double, (1912-1914)

Mary A. Curtis, school teacher, (1914-1916)

2.  Nephew Don Curtiss died here in 1914.

Goldie and Charles W. Lawrence, owner of marble works, (1916-1919)

Dan Ryan and Frances Ryan, (1920-1923)

Thomas Alison Whiteside and Metta Whiteside, (1923-1926)

Occupants Unknown, (1927-1938)

Louis C. Benford, (1939-1940).

Medina Dry Cleaners, Charles F. Warren and Joy L. Warren, Props. (1940 -1942)

1.  Warren Dry Cleaning Plant closed in 1942 when Charles Warren was drafted to serve in WWII.

Warren Cleaners, Charles F. Warren Prop. (1947-1953)

1.  Dry cleaning business reopened and it was family residence to 1954.

2.  The Charles F. Warren house, a commercial property, is for sale next to the Old Phoenix Bank lot in 1954.

Building Demolished in 1955.

Public Parking Lot (1955-Present)

OPNB Parking Lot W. Washington.jpeg

#135 West Washington Street: Baylor Bldg.

Private Residence, (Prior to 1928)

Baylor Meat Market, William C. and Ethel S. Baylor, Props. (1928-1947) 

Baylor Grocery Store, William C. Baylor, Prop (1948-1952)

Building demolished in 1953.

#140 West Washington Street: Peake House,-1838, Northern Ohio Telephone Bldg.-1957

Dr. Uriah K. Peake, Alanson L. Peake and Harriet W. Peake, (1838-1910)

1.  Dr. Uriah K. Peake came to Medina in 1825, was Postmaster from July 1829 to January, 1841 and lived on West Washington Street at corner of South Elmwood Street.

2.  Alanson L. Peake, was a general merchant with brother Dr. Uriah K. Peake to the 1850s. 

3.  Harriet Peake, married Alanson L. Peake in 1836 and she died here 1910 and left $300 for her monument and $100 to keep up cemetery lot.

Louis Gunkleman, (1910-1912)

1.  L.  Carpenter selling household goods here: a 1776 organ, paisley shawl, tan wool quilt, hair combings, large handmade dining room picture and an old gold plush masquerade suit in 1912.

J. W. Unger, (1913-1915) 

1.  J. W. Unger moved to Peake house, from Mrs. Triffit’s apartment in 1913.

2.  Harriet Peak property at the corner of Washington and Elmwood Streets sold to Charles Winters who will build 2-3 houses there on a lot 114’x 168’ in 1915.

3.  Charles F. Winters sold the property to Jane Amanda Cole 1916.

4.  Jane Cole moved into her home formerly the late Harriet Peak home and rented the east side to Roy Smith in 1916.

Roy Smith, renter, (1916-

Lucile E. and Fred M. Butdorf, (1916-

Elizabeth Reed, (1916-

Gertrude and William C. Prehn, (1916-

Eggleston Veterinarian, J. R. Eggleston, Prop., (1948-1952)

Egglston Vet ad.jpeg

Ohio Edison Storage, (1952-1956)

Northern Ohio Telephone Company, (1957-1975)

Northern Ohio Telephone Bldg 1957.jpeg

1.  This is the architect's sketch of the new Northern Ohio Telephone Co. building to be erected at the corner of West Washington Street and Elmwood Avenue at a cost of $155,000.

2.  With $520,000 worth of all-new equipment to be installed, subscribers will be able to dial their own station-to-station long distance calls to any point in the U. S. equipped to receive such calls.

3.  Telephone numbers will be changed to two letters and five digits with the placing in service of the new equipment. The toll dialing code name for Medina will be PARK and all numbers will be preceded by the letters PA.

1.  Direct Dialing came to Medina as a part of the move to this location in 1957.

General Telephone of Ohio, (1976-1985)

Ronald Philips, (1988-1994)

Spirit Rent-a-Car, (1991-1991)

Enterprise Rent a Car, (1993-1993)

Clear Span Builders, (1993-1994)

Pleasant Hill Mining, (1993-1996)

Superior Tree Service, (1994-1994)

Rental King, (1994-1995)

Terry Macho, (1995-1995)

Medina Maids, (1995-1995)

Fred J. Crisp, Inc, (1995-1997)

Triumph Auto Glass, (1995-2007)

ITTSBFC, (1996-1996)

Chipka Custom Build, (1996-1996)

Payless Car Rental, (1996-1998)

Farm Credit Services, (1996-2010)

City Loan Financial Services, (1997-1998)

Suburban Septic Service, (1998-1998)

Innovative Tech US Inc, (1998-2000)

Rolling, Hocevar and Associates Inc, (1998-2002)

George Innovations Group Inc, (1998- 2002)

The Chagrin Cook, (1999-1999)

ADT Inc, (1999-2001)

Condata Inc, (1999-2002)

Infovue Net, (1999-2004)

Tandem Trolley Company, (1999-2002)

Thrifty Car Rental, (1999-2002)

Fundamentals Creative Toys, (1999- 2013)

Miss Molly’s Tea Room, Edward Wright and Dinah Wright, Props. (1999-2018)

Colonial Curtains and Interiors, (2000-2001)

Still Light Photography, (2002-2006)

Sweet Designs Chocolatier, (2002-2009)

Ronald Phillips, (2005-2010)

Medina City School District, (2009-2013)

Fundamental and Creative Toys, Ken Young, Prop. (2010-2014)

Medina City School District Main Switchboard, (2010-2016)

SC Main Switchboard, (2010-2016) 

Medina City School District Business Office, (2012-2012)

Medina City School District Instruction, (2012-2012)

Medina Funtastic Toys, Edward Wright and Dinah Wright, Props. (2014-2017)

Medina City School District Student Service, (2012-2012) 

Terminix, (2014-2014)

Advanced Exterminating Company, (2014-2015)

Chem-Dry, (2014-2016)